Alethea Communications Interview Questions

Indore Composite Interview Rounds and Process

  • Resume Shortlist
  • Technical
  • Group Discussion
  • One-on-one Round
  • + 1 more
  • Q1. Leakage of transmission every transaction View Answers (1)
  • Q1. Personal details and accusation Add Answer
  • Q2. Hobbies. Play cricket Add Answer
  • alethea communications interview questions

    Top skills recommended for Amantya Technologies Software Engineer interview Insights by AmbitionBox

    alethea communications interview questions

    I P Integrated Services Interview Rounds and Process

    Its the way to identify and understand about Candidates Hidden Skills and interest to read their Intentions

    To Prove and know about Talking and Analytical Skills in front of Many Peoples or employee to getting Nervous efficiency….and for Team Leading Ability

  • Q1. To know about Candidates Technical Skills, Like Any Certification Course to Working with Employees using technology Add Answer
  • Q2. Why do i Hire you? The most important Questions for Candidates Add Answer
  • Q3. Where do you Want to Reach in Next 3-4 years? Add Answer
  • Q4. Are you Serious about Your job responsibilities and Career Goels? Add Answer
  • Q5. How Can you do anything if you dont Understand? Add Answer
  • Q6. Say About your Past 4 Years Spent Add Answer
  • Knowledge In Programming And Scripting (Python Preferred) – Experience With Linux And/Or Unix Like Environment(Shell And Tools). More Than 2 Years Experience Compulsory. | Python, Unix, Linux | Skills Needed : Networking

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  • Q1. About CCNA networking personal skills Add Answer
  • Q2. About networking Add Answer
  • Amantya Technologies Interview Rounds and Process

    It consists of two questions one is easy and another have medium level

  • Q1. Interview panel consist of 3 persons and asked about OOPS concepts and implementation in C++ Add Answer
  • Q2. Asked about use of #define. Add Answer
  • Top skills recommended for embedUR Systems Software Developer interview Insights by AmbitionBox

    alethea communications interview questions

    Jobs at Alethea Communications Technologies

    alethea communications interview questions

    alethea communications interview questions

    embedUR Systems Interview Rounds and Process

  • Resume Shortlist
  • Aptitude Test
  • Group Discussion
  • Case Study
  • + 1 more
  • Apti round took place in online mode but it is not proctored

    This one is technical GD and shortlisted people will be divided into batches and will asked technical qns for which ppl has to answer

    People who got shortlisted will be having another technical GD and the same process will be continued

  • Q1. 1.What is paging? Ans: it is used by Operating system to page the process Add Answer
  • Q2. 2.what is the best sorting algorithm? Ans: Quick sort since it will be using the address of the variable,no additional memory is needed Add Answer
  • Q3. 3.what are all the various searching methods? Ans: BFS,DFS,binary search,linear search Add Answer
  • Q4. 4.How does quick sort works? Ans: Quick sort works by having a pivot element and sorts by divide and conquer Add Answer
  • Q5. 5.What is Min heap and Max heap Ans: Heap in which the root element or parent node is larger than the child it is called Max heap and vice viresa is called read more Add Answer
  • C DOT Interview Rounds and Process

  • Q1. CDOT Interview Questions 1)Introduce Yourself 2)Interests and about Industrial Training/Internship 3)Snells Law 4)Optical Communication – what is attenuatiread more Add Answer
  • Q2. 7) About 5G communication Add Answer
  • alethea communications interview questions

  • Q1. Basic electronics Like as diode, transistor,scr, transformers etc Add Answer
  • Q2. Tell about the diodes and transistor types and its work. Add Answer
  • Q3. What you know about amplifier? Add Answer
  • Q4. What is the optical fibre? Add Answer
  • Q1. How many types of transformer and how to work? Add Answer
  • alethea communications interview questions

  • Q1. He asked basic questions only like:- 1.what is the use of transistor and its type . View Answers (3)
  • Q2. Define diode and what purpose it is used Add Answer
  • Q3. Project related question Add Answer
  • Q4. Digital electronics questions:- gates , encoder Add Answer
  • Q5. MOSFET, JFET Add Answer
  • Q6. What you like most and what is your favourite subject. Add Answer
  • alethea communications interview questions

    Top 20 Communications Manager Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

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