Alien Technology Transfer Interview Questions

I recently found two very effective interview questions perfect for technology transfer jobs. They are variations of ones you may have used in your own interviewing. However, the reason I love them is their application in tech transfer.

Tech transfer is about building relationships. Soft skills matter. When you’re interviewing candidates you need to assess not only their soft skills but also their analytical ones. There’s a lot of problem solving required in technology transfer jobs. (But the analytical side is a post for another day).

Two Great Interview Questions and What Makes Them So

This question sounds a lot like the much anticipated, “What are your strengths/weaknesses?” but it asks them to interpret how others (most importantly their supervisor) see them. This gives the candidate a chance to speak more openly about their strengths because they’re not doing the bragging their “supervisor” is.

You’d also be surprised how many people will open up about lackluster supervisory relationships and what they’ve been told to improve upon. This provides good insight into how’d they’d be as an employee.

Top skills recommended for BCG Associate interview Insights by AmbitionBox

alien technology transfer interview questions

Business Technology Solutions Associate Interview Questions

  • Q1. For online assessment, there were total 50 MCQs and the breakout was as follows: 1)25- Aptitude Questions 2)15- English Comprehension Questions 3)10- SQL, Cread more Add Answer
  • Q2. For Case-Study Round, there were 8 MCQs were asked and the case study was based on the market scenario. The total time for the case study was 30 mins. The oread more Add Answer
  • Q3. For Online Recorded Interview, there were 2 questions for 3 mins each. You get 10 seconds to read the questions and you have to start speaking the answer afread more Add Answer
  • Q4. For Technical Interview, you can expect following things: 1) Your brief Introduction. 2) Your projects explanation. 3) Mathematical/General Puzzles. 4) One read more Add Answer
  • Q5. For EBI+FIT Round, you can expect the following things: 1) Your brief Introduction. 2) Your project explanation and some questions based on it. 3) Puzzles/Gread more Add Answer
  • alien technology transfer interview questions

  • Q1. Tell me something about yourself Add Answer
  • Q2. How was your ISB experience? Add Answer
  • Q3. Why consulting? Add Answer
  • Q4. “We did some consulting project for our telecom client some time ago. The client was serving broadband internet to corporate clients with high speed connectread more Add Answer
  • Q5. “Our client is a cement manufacturer and wants to increase profitability per ton. Lets solve the clients problem Add Answer
  • Q6. “A cement company looking to reduce costs. How will we do it?” Add Answer
  • Q7. “I hope you must have read the news on Tata’s successful foray in to the 1L car. It has been talked about a lot and has got lot of CEOS world wide thinking read more Add Answer
  • Analyst – Category Specialization Interview Questions

  • Q1. About the previous work experience Add Answer
  • Q2. Different sourcing/procurement models for Renewable Energy Add Answer
  • Q3. Germany Energy Market Add Answer
  • Q4. US Energy Market / PPA/ CPPA / VPPA etc. Add Answer
  • Presentation Preparation on a given topic

  • Q1. Presenting the slides infront of panels Add Answer
  • Q2. Technical & Detailed Questions related to presentation Add Answer
  • Q1. Basics about your expectations, hikes, salary negotiation Add Answer
  • alien technology transfer interview questions

  • Q1. Firstly They have asked me to introduce myself and further, they questions from manly 3 section from my resume Add Answer
  • Q2. OOPS 1: Difference between Method overloading and method overriding 2: What is inheritance and its benifits 3: Define encapsulation and Abstraction. Add Answer
  • Q3. SQL 1: Difference between primary key and unique key 2: Why we use Normalisation and there different types 3: Some questions from SQL query, Join, delete, uread more Add Answer
  • Q4. Aptitude 1: One question from number series Add Answer
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