Alight Solutions Workday Specialist Interview Questions

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  • Q1. Basic question about your self Add Answer
  • Q1. Questions related to the finance and workday modules Add Answer
  • alight solutions workday specialist interview questions

  • Q1. About workday and function testing, recruiting relative question Add Answer
  • alight solutions workday specialist interview questions

  • Q1. About workday and function testing, recruiting relative question Add Answer
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    The test consists of 20 questions, 1 hour. There were 10 analytical graph questions. Other 10 were related to accounting concepts.

  • Q1. Brief about your overall experience. Add Answer
  • Q2. In which field you want to grow? Add Answer
  • Q3. Why do you want to change from your current company? Add Answer
  • Q4. Describe your current responsibilities in your role in detail. Add Answer
  • Q5. What all reports do you prepare in your current role? Add Answer
  • Q6. If there is a variance in actual expense and budgeted expense, what can be the reasons. Add Answer
  • Q7. Questions about treng analysis. Add Answer
  • Q8. Current CTC, Expected CTC and Notice period Add Answer
  • 5 Name the prefix that limits a search to reports?

    “rd:” is used for limiting the search to reports.

    3 What is a Business Process Completion Step?

    The business process is considered complete once the completion step finishes the execution. All the actions depend on business process completion but do not depend on all the steps being executed.

    For example, an organization wants to hire a candidate, and that position requires background verification. Suppose if you do not want to wait for all the information to come back from the background check business process, you can set the completion step before the last step. That will allow the pre-hire or hire business processes and enter the Background Check Business Process before the Pre-Hire executes all the steps.

    If no steps are marked as a completion step, then the last step will be the completion step by default.

    2 Tell me, will business process events be impacted if you modify the business process definition in Workday?

    In Workday, to edit the business process definition, you need to search the business process name ->edit the definition of the related action. By creating a new business process definition, the already running business process wont get affected. It keeps running in the background without causing the event to overlap.

    1 How many Workday updates are released per year?

    Twice a year, Workday issues major updates to its software.

    1 Is Workday an ERP system?

    Ans. Yes, Workday is a true Enterprise Resource Planning system. Its a unified SaaS software system for finance, planning, human capital management, project management, and business intelligence. Workday ERP is used for business processes and data transformation enterprise-wide.

    1 What does a tenant mean in Workday?

    A tenant is an application that requires its own secure computing environment. Every workday customer has their secure tenant, which only they can access.

  • Workday tenant is a unique instance of the software with a separate set of data held by Workday in a logically separated database.
  • Multi-tenancy is a crucial feature of Workday that allows you to experience the complete spectrum of Workday functionality through one application server.
  • Is Workday a good career?

    Workday meets the majority of the functionality needs of modern enterprise management solutions. As a result, Workday usage surged across enterprises, resulting in a large number of job possibilities for talented individuals. Candidates looking for a profession in finance or human resources can make a promising career in Workday.

    Workday Interview with Alight Solutions’ CFO

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