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38) What will happen if both STEPLIB and JOBLIB are determined?

JOBLIB is a Data Definition proclamation. It decides the area of the database, which is called the EXEC articulation. JOBLIB is applicable to all means introduce in that entire employment. It isnt conceivable to utilize it for detailed methodology. STEPLIB is fundamentally the same as JOBLIB. It decides the dataset within which this program exists. It applies to just one stage, not the total employment. STEPLIB could be utilized in any situation in the action step and also can likewise be utilized for detailed methodology. In a circumstance when both the STEPLIB and JOBLIB are indicated, the JOBLIB will be overlooked by the framework.

Explain the use of the WHERE?

The “WHERE” clause isolates an element or row whenever it is used with a relational statement.

Write about the self-referencing constraint?

It limits the changes that can be made to the primary key from a foreign key. For this purpose, the foreign key has to define a DELETE CASCADE rule.

4 Name the lockable units in DB2?

DB2 implements locking on four types of units:

  • Pages
  • Indexes sub page
  • Tables
  • Table space
  • 2 How many types of locks are there in db2?

    A deadlock is a special situation where multiple processes try to access the same resource simultaneously and wait for the other process to release the resource.

    5) What is the utilization of the Linkage area in COBOL?

    Linkage area is utilized as a part of COBOL if the program needs to speak with JCL by means of PARM parameter or program needs to speak with another program.

    1 What are the two different types of tables?

    Tables are classified into two types. They are:

  • Fixed-length tables andÂ
  • Variable-length tables
  • It specifies the number of OCCURS statically. The tables are defined with the number of OCCURS specified with a static value while writing the program.       Â

    It specifies the number of OCCURS dynamically. The number of occurrences value specified while running the program.

    A level number is a one or two-digit value that describes the level of the hierarchy of data entries or items.  Â

    What is the need of a secondary index in IMS?

    It is a substitute path into any IMS database. It can be used as a file to acquire required data.

    Foreign keys are properties of a particular table having matching entries to a primary key in some another table. This results in the formation of a relation between the two tables.

    1 How are composite and multiple indexes different?

    Multiple index are two indexes, one each for a column of the same table. Composite index is only one index, which consists of combined values of 2 columns of a table.

    2 What is the place for VSAM KSDS?

    There are three types of lock, namely:

  • Shared – This type of lock permits two or more programs to read from the locked space but does not allow them to change it.
  • Update – This lock is more lenient. It permits the program to read and change the locked space.
  • Exclusive – This lock restricts all users from accessing the locked space.
  • Isolation level is the degree to which the activation group in focus is isolated from the activation groups executing at the same time.

    It is an MVS message that indicates the presence of a duplicate catalogue in the database. This problem can be fixed by removing one of the entries and then adding a new one.

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