Alliant International University Interview Questions

How did the interview impress you?

“Why are you interested in clinical psychology?”

“What are 3 qualities of a good psychologist? (This was right before the question about what makes a good scientist/researcher)”

“What types of clinical experience do you have?”

“What are some books and/or movies that have made an impact on you?”

“What kind of research experience do you have?”

“What would you do if you had a difficult cilent?”

“They were group interviews, so he asked us to brainstorm 3 solutions to a problem involving undergraduates and suicide around midterms.”

“What are 3 qualities of a good scientist/researcher?”

“SDN, personal statement, mock interviews, looking up interview questions on google.”

“Read up online, reread my statement of purpose, read this website, practiced questions. “

“I had two interviewers-one professor and one current student (interviews were seperate) who were both very nice. The grad student seemed very happy with what the program provided her and the professor seemed interested in getting to know my interests and why I felt I was a good fit for their program. Any other staff I came across were very friendly and helpful.”

“Warm atmosphere & friendliness of faculty & other applicants”

“They have wireless internet access, 4 computer labs, a big library, and are linked to the UC and Cal-State systems for inter-library loans and articles. (This was at the San Francisco campus)”

“There is no financial aid funding other than student loans and even then they dont allow you to take out enough to get by on. Ideally they dont want you to work while you are in a doctorate program but I find it difficult when I only get about $5,000 per semester after paying tuition. I had to take out another loan (Gradplus). The San Diego campus got rid of their bookstore which means you have to buy all your books online.”

“Vague on the subject pool that will be used for research thesis”

“I felt like the school was trying to sell themselves to me rather than finding out if I am a good match. Other applicants were not very competitive- many had not taken psychology classes prior to interviewing or have research experience. The school does not offer funding.”

“The interviewer seemed to hurry us along a bit. Im not sure if he was trying to sound engaged in our answers or if he really just wanted a very short answer. He did it to everyone, with a lot of mmhmm and yes while we were talking.”

“That I wasnt getting my loan money until the second week of classes. It made buying books a bit difficult, especially since I had to buy them online.”

“That it was a group interview!”

“Despite being expensive I am very happy with what the program has provided me so far. The faculty are passionate about psychology and very supportive, they really want to see you succeed. My peers are nice and we all seem to get along well. I am very happy with my decision to attend here.”

“The campus was not impressive, and is not up-to-date with technology (eg: wireless campus).”

“It was a good experience. I liked the facilities; they are bigger than they look from the outside. I think being directly across from Pier 39 may become a negative thing with the traffic and tourists, but at least the campus is near things. The student giving the tour really tried to sell the school to us; she seemed happy with her decision to go there.”

How will you motivate parents to become involved in the classroom and in their child’s education?

The home/school connection is an important, yet tough to maintain aspect of teaching, so, try to answer this question with concrete ideas. Share ideas on how parents will volunteer in your classroom and how you’ll maintain regular contact, or how you’ll be providing updates on both positive and negative events.

What kinds of qualities do students look for in teachers?

This question, when asked at a teaching interview, evaluates your ability to see yourself from the perspective of the student. Everyone has a different teaching style and students react differently to different styles and it is important to recognize the flexibility required to reach as many students as you can.

“Are you ready to start your new career at alliantgroup?”

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