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Recruiter insights: Tarrah, Recruiter Principal at Allianz Life US

Being a recruiter is rewarding for Tarrah as she feels it brings a sense of pride and appreciation to see an employees’ career journey within Allianz. She can closely relate to the career journey within Allianz and how it has helped her grow and develop as a professional. Her advice to applicants: “Do your research on the company and review the job description so that you can relate to the job responsibilities and requirements, but also bring knowledge of the company to your interview; then sell your strengths and why you would be a good fit for the role. ”She adds, “make sure, you stay meaningful and avoid objective statements”.

Have the confidence to do what you love

What to expect when you apply

Were interested in applicants with diverse skills and backgrounds, but we need to ensure you suit the role and meet our employment needs. Our eight-step application process reflects our desire to identify the best talent to join our global family.

Success on the Allianz Assessment Test is in Your Hands

Studying for your upcoming pre-employment assessment is essential, since only the strongest candidates who receive the best scores on their pre-employment assessment are invited for an important face-to-face interview. During this interview, they convince employers that they have the required skills to perform their role well. Prepare with the top-notched resources and rise above your competitors.

Allianz will begin their hiring process with a short phone interview, where you will be asked about your basic skill set. If the screener is satisfied, you will then be invited to take pre-hiring tests, where you will prove that you have the skills you claimed in your CV and during the screening call. Upon successful completion of the Allianz pre-hiring test, you will be invited to several rounds of sit-down interviews, starting with HR and ending with the hiring manager.

As explained earlier, the Allianz phone interview is employed in the early stages of the hiring process. It serves to provide your interviewer with more information regarding your experience and interest in the position. You should demonstrate the skills you will need to handle the positions responsibilities.

Below you can find examples of Allianz Interview questions. These serve as a guideline. Each position has inherently different questions.

  • What makes you want to work in the sustainable development department at Allianz?
  • Where do you see yourself in the future?
  • Name some problems with our financial market today.
  • What is currently happening to our global environment?
  • What is the 10-year treasury?
  • How can we improve this “…” market?
  • What is the Purpose of the Allianz Personality Tests?

    Allianz, like many other companies, uses personality assessments in order to evaluate their applicants’ workplace competencies and personas. Each company possesses its own unique culture and standards. Therefore, in using personality assessments during the recruitment process, Allianz has the ability to find the candidate with the personality profile that is the best match for their company.

    What Will the Allianz Hiring Manager Ask During the Sit Down?

    While we are no mind-readers and cannot predict for certain what will be asked, there are a number of commonly asked questions that you should review and prepare answers for, but here are just three.

  • What Can You Tell Me About the Company? As an Allianz job applicant, it is important to show that you care about what the company does and identify with its mission. Follow the company’s website and social media outlets to get a better idea.
  • How Can You Improve Professionally? Finding the right balance for this question is crucial, because you want to show that you want to continue to improve and move forward; On the other hand, however, you do not want to come off as incompetent. So, what to do? Give an example of something that needs improvement, while showing at the same time what you are doing to improve it
  • Why Are You Switching Jobs? You can be sure the interviewer will throw this one your way. Always stay positive and never bash your other company, talk about your need to grow professionally, learn new skills and take on more responsibility.
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