Allstate Claims Adjuster Interview Questions

Claims Adjuster Interview Questions (With Example Answers)

Claims adjusters play an important role in helping individuals recover after major incidents. Whether you are looking at properties, automobiles, personal injuries, or otherwise, your role as a claims adjuster is to investigate insurance claims and determine an insurance company’s payment responsibility.

There are lots of reasons why you may be interested in claims adjuster work. With great payment possibilities in a sturdy, recession-proof market, this job is incredibly dependable. Further, the position is not highly specialized, and many individuals, including entry-level employees, may be able to land these positions.

However, to get the job, you first need to ace the interview. Interviews are a great opportunity to show a little bit about who you are and to demonstrate what you can offer this organization through this role. Good preparation goes a long way, and one of the best ways to prepare is through researching potential questions and coming up with some mock answers.

In this article, we will take you through some common questions that come up in claims adjuster interviews. We will also give some helpful example answers that you can use to come up with great answers of your own.

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Q – What are your core strengths to work for Allstate?

Ans: Talk about specific strength areas that assist you to work under pressure and handle customers effectively. You should also read the Job Description carefully to understand what kind of strengths you require to perform well in your job at Allstate.

Q – What kind of career graph do you see in the next 5 years?

Ans: List down your career goals with appropriate strategies to achieve your career goals. You should also remember that your career goals must link well with the overall objectives of an organization like Allstate. You can also use different skills and work experience to support your answer and provide proper solutions for all kind of business issues which the organization faces.

Q – How will you handle a tough customer?


  • Allow your customers to share their problems with you.
  • Try and also reassure the customer with a positive approach.
  • You should also offer appropriate solutions to resolve customer problems.
  • Try and also take expert advice to handle a tough customer in a disciplined way.
  • You should also take customer feedback into consideration to make desired process changes.
  • How do you feel about working on Sunday, or inspecting a site of an accident in the middle of the night?

    This rarely happens, but in some extraordinary cases you may be called for an inspection in the middle of the night. You should say that you are aware of this possibility. Certainly you won’t do it every day, but in a case of an emergency you do not mind going above and beyond for your employer. Of course you’ll be properly compensated for your efforts.

    Try to show some flexibility in your interview.

    Q – What are your core weaknesses to work for Allstate?

    Ans: Talk about general weaknesses which can be improved shortly by adopting relevant strategies to overcome the same. Always accept that you have weaknesses and show a positive attitude which shows the interviewer that you are genuinely working towards improving your weakness. Never use statements like you are a workaholic, you are a perfectionist, or you don’t have any weaknesses to state.

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