Allstate Claims Service Specialist Interview Questions

Q – How will you handle a tough customer?


  • Allow your customers to share their problems with you.
  • Try and also reassure the customer with a positive approach.
  • You should also offer appropriate solutions to resolve customer problems.
  • Try and also take expert advice to handle a tough customer in a disciplined way.
  • You should also take customer feedback into consideration to make desired process changes.
  • Q – Why would you work for Allstate?

    Ans: You should sound excited about receiving a suitable work opportunity with Allstate. You can also gain adequate knowledge about the awards and recognition which the company has received over the years. If you know the company well and can represent its products and services, you will also get a better opportunity to work for Allstate. You will also be preferred for the job over other candidates if you do this.

    A hostile client is unhappy about your assessment. What will you do?

    The most important thing in this job is to not pay attention to emotions–your emotions, and emotions of other people. Say that you will focus on facts and numbers, and not feelings.

    You can also explain that you understand why people are upset. Everyone wants to get the biggest possible payment from an insurance company, to have everything covered. But you know it can’t be always the case.

    But since you understand why they are angry or even hostile, you won’t take their bad words personally. You will calmly do your job, and won’t get involved into any conflicts or fights :).

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    allstate claims service specialist interview questions

    Q – What are your core weaknesses to work for Allstate?

    Ans: Talk about general weaknesses which can be improved shortly by adopting relevant strategies to overcome the same. Always accept that you have weaknesses and show a positive attitude which shows the interviewer that you are genuinely working towards improving your weakness. Never use statements like you are a workaholic, you are a perfectionist, or you don’t have any weaknesses to state.

    How do you feel about working on Sunday, or inspecting a site of an accident in the middle of the night?

    This rarely happens, but in some extraordinary cases you may be called for an inspection in the middle of the night. You should say that you are aware of this possibility. Certainly you won’t do it every day, but in a case of an emergency you do not mind going above and beyond for your employer. Of course you’ll be properly compensated for your efforts.

    Try to show some flexibility in your interview.

    Q – State the competitors of Allstate?

    Ans: Allstate competitors include State Farm, GEICO, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, Farmers.

    Can you please tell us something about yourself?

    Typically the first question, an ice breaker. If you have done anything similar before (for example working for an insurance company on another role), or working as a trainee under a supervision of an experienced adjuster, you should focus mostly on your experience and certification. Obviously if you have a degree in finance or insurance it is a plus and you should mention it.

    But many insurance companies run excellent training programs, and you do not need previous experience or university degree to apply for this job with them.

    In such situations you can talk about your excellent communication and math skills, interest for insurance business, or basically about anything else. Your motivation and enthusiasm they can hear in your voice matters more than the exact words you use to describe yourself–if they expect to train you in the company.

    Allstate Interview Questions with Answer Examples

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