Allstate Software Developer Interview Questions

Technical interviews are common during the recruitment process for roles that require a very specific skill set, such as software engineering or data analysis. A technical interview will vary depending on the organization but may include a behavioral descriptive interview (BDI), analytical algorithms/coding section, and a predictive modeling case study. If you’re invited to a technical interview, expect to dig deeply into your technical skills!

Fidelity National Information Services Interview Preparation

allstate software developer interview questions

Top skills recommended for YASH Technologies Senior Software Engineer interview Insights by AmbitionBox

allstate software developer interview questions

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Interview Rounds and Process

Round duration – 70 Minutes Round difficulty – Medium

This round had 40 MCQs followed by 2 questions of DS and Algo. The programming questions were preety standard and can be solved within 30 minutes.

  • Q1. Count Inversions For a given integer array/list ARR of size N, find the total number of Inversions that may exist. An inversioread more View Answers (4)
  • Q2. Subarray With Given Sum Given an array ARR of N integers and an integer S. The task is to find whether there exists a subarray(positive length) of the givenread more View Answers (3)
  • Round duration – 60 Minutes Round difficulty – Easy

    This round had 1 question from Linked List in which I had to first explain my approach and then code the solution. This was followed by some questions from OOPS , C++ and OS.

    Round duration – 30 Minutes Round difficulty – Easy

    This is a cultural fitment testing round. HR was very frank and asked standard questions. Then we discussed about my role.

  • Q1. Basic HR QuestionTell me something not there in your resume. View Answers (1)
  • Q2. Basic HR QuestionWhy should we hire you ? View Answers (1)
  • BNY Mellon Interview Rounds and Process

    allstate software developer interview questions

    Test is on aptitude, reasoning, English and one Easy writing , they give 5 topic we have to write one of them.

  • Q1. 1.explain your project using SDLC. Add Answer
  • Q2. 2.What is OOP explain. Add Answer
  • Q3. 3.What is exception and error Add Answer
  • Q1. Tell me something about yourself Add Answer
  • Q2. what new you have heard in 8 hour. Add Answer
  • allstate software developer interview questions

    Top skills recommended for Xoriant Senior Software Engineer interview Insights by AmbitionBox

    allstate software developer interview questions

    MCQ in web development and programming languages. 2 Coding questions

    GD on trending tech like AI, Cybersecurity, Block Chain

  • Q1. Oops Questions in any programming language Add Answer
  • Q2. Resume based questions on previous internships Add Answer
  • Q3. Previous projects and basic coding questions on collections Add Answer
  • Q4. Questions on Python programming data structures Add Answer
  • Q1. Project based questions Add Answer
  • Q2. Managerial questions and situation based questions Add Answer
  • Q3. DBMS questions on manipulation techniques Add Answer
  • Q4. Data structures questions on trees and Linked Lists Add Answer
  • 1. How hash set works? 2. What happens happens when we iterate over concurrent hashmap and hashmap? 3. Difference between concurrent hashmap and hashmap? 4. Why to use concurrent hashmap? 5. Write a program to find the index of “3” in a rotated array [6, 5, 4, 1, 2, 3] with a best algorithm? 6. What is wsdl file in SOAP? 7. Write a service for REST? 8. How REST url finds that which method is to be called from the service class? 9. What is fail-safe and fail-fast? 10. What is shallow and deep copy? 11. What is difference between wait and sleep? 12. In how many ways an object can be instantiated? 13. What is the use of Maven and Jenkins? 14. What is ws-import? 15. How to consume a service at client end in SOAP? 16. What is an endpoint in SOAP? 17. What is the first step to follow when we want to consume a SOAP web service at client end? 18. Features of JAVA 7? 19. What is a pivot in a rotated array and how to find it?

    Allstate Interview Questions with Answer Examples

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