Alm Administrator Interview Questions

33) Explain how one can map a single defect to more than one test script?

Using the “associate defect” option in TestDirector one can assign the same defect to a number of test cases.

1) What is HP ALM (Quality Center) used for? Or What are the benefits and features of Quality Center?

HP ALM/ Quality Center is a comprehensive test management tool. It is a web-based tool and supports high level of communication and association among various stakeholders (Business Analyst, Developers , Testers etc. ) , driving a more effective and efficient global application-testing process. Automation Tools like QTP , WinRunner & Loadrunner can be integrated with Quality Center. One can also create reports and graphs for Analysis and Tracking for Test processes.

2) What is the difference between TestDirector and Quality Center?

Quality Center is upgraded version of Test Director built by the same vendor Mercury (Now acquired by HP).Test Director Version 8.2 onwards is know as Quality Center. Quality Center is has enhanced Security/Test management /Defect management features when compared to Test Director.

18) How to switch between two projects in Quality Center?

In QC 9.0 and above you can switch between two projects by select Tools>Change Projects>Select Project.

In other version , you will need to log-off and log-in again.

23) Mention what is ALM workflow?

  • Release Specification
  • Requirement Specification
  • Test Planning
  • Test Execution
  • Defect Tracking
  • 6) What is meant by Instance?

    A Test Case imported from Test Plan module to Test Lab module is called an Instance of that test case. It is possible to have multiple instances of the same Test Case in the Test Lab Module.

    When we delete a folder, we can choose to delete the folder only, or the folder, its subfolders, and test. If we choose to delete the folder only, all the tests are moved to unattached folder in the test plan tree.. Is Not covered and Not run status are same ?

    ALM was formerly known as Quality center, a popular test management tool which is developed using J2EE with backend as MSSQL or ORACLE. It is a web-based tool and supports communication and association among various stakeholders. It also integrates with QTP , WinRunner & LoadRunner. We can also create reports and graphs for Analysis and Tracking for Test processes. What are the modules of ALM?

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    9) What will be the status in Quality Center if you give “Suggestion” to the Developer?

    You can give “Suggestion” to the developer using the Comments sections provided in QC. This is will not change the current status of Defect in QC. In sum, the status of the defect remains the same, as that before giving suggestion to the developer.

    HP ALM/QC Interview Questions and Answers

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