Alm Analyst I Interview Questions

13) Can we export the file from Quality Centre to Excel / Word. If yes then how?

  • Requirement tab: Right click on main Req/click on export/save as word, excel or other template. This would save all the child requirements
  • Test plan tab: Only individual test can be exported. No parent child export is possible. Select a test script, click on the design steps tab, right click anywhere on the open window. Click on export and save as.
  • Test lab tab: Select a child group. Click on execution grid if it is not selected. Right click anywhere. Default save option is excel. But can be saved in documents and other formats
  • Defects Tab: Right click anywhere on the window, export all or selected defects and save excel sheet or document.
  • Quality Center provides Business Component for Business Process Testing (BPT).

    Many Enterprise Applications are a) complex and b) require extensive test scripts/case.

    A Test /Automation Engineer can not handle both complexity of Application Under Test as well as extensive test script/test case creation.

    Using Business Component, Subject Matter Experts ( who are experts on the Application Under Test ) can create tests in a script free environment without involving in the Nitty-gritty of test case/script designing. It helps increase test coverage and creates re-usable business components used for testing essential Business Processes.

    Development of Test Script / Cases is done by Automation / Test Engineer.

    12) How to import test cases from Excel / Word  to Quality Center?

  • 1.Install and Configure the Microsoft Excel / Word Add-In for Quality Center.
  • 2. Map the Columns in Word / Excel spreadsheet with Columns available in Quality Center
  • 3.Export the data from Word/Excel to Quality Center Using Tools >Export to Quality Center Option in Word/Excel.
  • 4. Rectify errors if Any.
  • 33) Explain how one can map a single defect to more than one test script?

    Using the “associate defect” option in TestDirector one can assign the same defect to a number of test cases.

    4) What is the Purpose of Creating Child Requirement in TD /QC?

    By Creating Child requirements to the main requirement you can evaluate the sub requirements related to the main requirements.

    You can link test sets and defects to the sub-requirements. This helps in 100% test coverage and its analysis.

    Learn More About Requirements in the Tutorial here

    In order to execute a Test Case (Developed in the Test Plan Module) either manual or automated it needs to imported into Test Lab Module. In sum, Test Cases are created in Test Plan Module while they are executed in Test Lab Module.

    alm analyst i interview questions

    18) How to switch between two projects in Quality Center?

    In QC 9.0 and above you can switch between two projects by select Tools>Change Projects>Select Project.

    In other version , you will need to log-off and log-in again.

    Interview DetailsWhat did the interview consist of?Phone InterviewGroup InterviewBackground CheckPlease describe the interview / hiring process.I recieved my interview through a weak contact at the firm. The first round is a phone interview screen. The purpose of this screen is to ensure that you are not completely stupid. Its a simple walk through the resume type ordeal. The interviewer will ask some brief questions on your knowledge of the fixed income and current events. The interviewer will then go on about the role in question. The second round is a series of one on on or two on two interviews with analysts and senior analysts at the firm. Again they will ask you the walk me through the resume ordeal. They may ask you some basic bond math questions and questions on current events and how they may relate to our industry. They will go on about the day to day work of an analyst. This is your time to ask them questions about what its like to work at the firm. Make sure to appear smart and likable. If you can make it past the analysts, you will be called in to talk with the portfolio managers. Again walk through your resume. The PMs may ask you some bond math and bond terminology questions. They may ask you question regarding current events. Its ok to say you dont know how to calc something because if say you know how to do it they will make you do some problems.

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