Alpha Epsilon Delta Interview Questions

What would you gain from being in this fraternity?

This is a great fraternity interview question to show off your personality and explain why you want to be in the fraternity. If the fraternity is big on community service, explain how you enjoy helping others and want the opportunity to do so. If the fraternity caters to a specific demographic such as young Black men, elaborate on how you want to connect with others with similar backgrounds. If the fraternity is more of a social club, talk about how you enjoy meeting new people and building lasting friendships.

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Tuesday, January 31st: Dr. Finan, Colorectal Surgeon

Wednesday, February 15th: Medical Student Panel

Tuesday, February 28th: Pre-Med Review Committee

Wednesday, March 22nd: Diversity in Medicine Physician Panel

Tuesday, April 4th: Dr. Keyser, OB/GYN from US Army

Wednesday, April 19th: Elections

All meetings will be held at 7:00 PM at 102 Williams.

Why should we extend you a bid?

Don’t panic at this direct question! Each fraternity has different values, goals, and activities. Learn about the fraternity and its past to better understand what you can bring to the table. Think about how you would fit in with the fraternity, and let your past experiences and personality shine with your answer! You can talk about how you’ve enjoyed the formal rush week and use specific examples of connections you’ve made or activities that were fun. Make sure to emphasize how you want to be a member of the fraternity.

Alpha Epsilon Delta is the National Health Preprofessional Honor Society dedicated to the encouragement and recognition of excellence in preprofessional health scholarship. Our Society welcomes all students engaged in the pursuit of a professional development, provides a forum for students with common interests, and extends a program of service to benefit the college/university community.

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What activities were you involved in high school?

If you are rushing as a freshman, fraternity members may ask you about your high school experience. This interview question gives them a better idea of who you are. You can answer this question by listing the activities you did in high school and explain why you joined certain clubs, sports, or activities. Even further, highlight what you got out of each activity. This shows the fraternity that you didn’t join a sport or club “just because” or to embellish your transcript.

What Takes Place During a Formal Rush

While an informal rush includes opportunities to meet the members of different fraternities, a formal rush is where you sign up through the school to receive a bid from any fraternity. A Greek life adviser can help you with this process.

After signing up for a formal rush, you are invited to a week-long series of events approved by your university and hosted by the fraternity. Some of these events can include sporting events, barbecues, or open houses. This formal rush week is important because it is the last chance for you to make a positive impression on the fraternity brothers.

One of the key factors of a formal rush is the fraternity interview questions and your answers. These pledge interview questions are meant to give the fraternity a better idea of who you are and how you will fit into the fraternity.

To give you an edge on answering these questions, we have compiled a list of examples of good fraternity interview questions that are frequently asked during formal rush week. Study these fraternity pledge interview questions to impress fraternity members.

Delta Video Interview Questions and Answers Practice

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