Alphind Software Solutions Interview Questions

Engineer – Web Apps Interview Questions

  • Q1. What is the best project youve worked on? Add Answer
  • Q2. Explain the end-to-end details of the technical workflow of one of your projects. Add Answer
  • Q3. Why you choose this technology for the task? Add Answer
  • Q4. How would you approach slow DB queries? Add Answer
  • Q5. Explain newer features in ECMAScript. Add Answer
  • alphind software solutions interview questions

    Integer type answers must be written for the online test

    The test can taken in any of the teo languages java and python. I took python test. It had python mcqs and few sql mcqs

  • Q1. Aptitude interview round Add Answer
  • Q1. Coding interview round. Asked to write code in python for simple questions. Add Answer
  • Q1. Advanced aptitude round Add Answer
  • alphind software solutions interview questions

    CODING round contains of 3 questions of easy and medium level questions. I solved all of the 3 questions in this round . the duration was around 1 hour and most of the questions were on Arrays only

  • Q1. Given a string return the first repeating character in that string (DSA question easy level) Add Answer
  • Q2. Do you know SQL JOINS and types. Asked the output of some joins in SQL Add Answer
  • Q1. In depth analysis of College Final year project Add Answer
  • Q2. One DSA question related to Matrix, solving magic square Add Answer
  • alphind software solutions interview questions

    Maven Wave Partners Interview Rounds and Process

    alphind software solutions interview questions

  • Resume Shortlist
  • Aptitude Test
  • Coding Test
  • Technical
  • + 1 more
  • Some companies take high level aptitude test , but normal they are normal, if you cant clear aptitude then you need to work hard , they are based on problem solving and with time limit so practice practice practice.

    Questions are based on job applied for , if you are freshers then dont wory if you are serious to your studies and practice of coding , questions are basic that are easy to solve the main thing in coding round is you should know what you are writing , what I used to do was try to remember the code without understanding it like a parrot , you should never do that , understand the basic concepts , like if you are using loop how that loop is working and running that code you should know that , in coding round the first question interviewer will ask is explain your code .. if you dont know the code the best thing you can do is try to write the code with explanation so that at least interviewer will know that he is trying and know the basics

  • Q1. Priority 00 confidence 0 introduction 1 oops concepts 2 data structure 3 DBMS 4 language you are working on Add Answer
  • Q1. After completing everything the last is HR round , dont wory here if its not your first and second round , just be yourself , this round is just to undersread more Add Answer
  • alphind software solutions interview questions

    2 What do you mean by Entity Relationship Diagram and DFD?

    Ans. The entity Relationship Diagram is the graphical description of the object relationship pair. It is primarily used in database applications.

    DFD stands for Data Flow Diagram. Data Flow Diagram depicts the data flow and the transforms which are applied to the data as it moves from input to output.

    Top 20 Technical Solutions Engineer Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

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