Alteryx Admin Interview Questions

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1 What is the Requirement for Developing an Application?

Generally, we require the Alteryx Designer Desktop to develop the Applications. We can download the free trial of Designer Desktop.

5 What are the requirements to execute an application in Private Collection?

For running the application, we must be a member of that private collection. Data Artisans grant the Membership.

5 What is Alteryx Designer, and why should you use it?

Alteryx Designer is a Windows tool that allows users to construct repeatable workflow processes using an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface. Users can develop Alteryx workflows, apps, and macros by dragging tools from a toolbox into a canvas, connecting them, and editing their settings.

How a Data Artisan can share an application privately?

First, we need to publish the application to our private Studio through the Designer Desktop. After that, we need to insert the application into the collection, and then, we have to add the user to the collection.

4 What is the meaning of the following error:

The above error indicates that first, we have to control our configuration upstream. If we have an application append tool, ensure that we have a polygon object in the drop-down selection.

3 How can we run an application?

For running an application, first, we need to press the application name to see the application details and press the “Run” button or press the icon.

We have to set up the application to accommodate our requirements. According to the application, we have to type the address for geocoding, provide a consumer file for demographic analysis, or choose the data from a variety of selections that are applicable to our business.

37 Can a viewer who is present in the collection run an application?

A Viewer can run(implement) those applications that are published(issued) to a Public Gallery by the Data Artisans.

Define the Alteryx Analytics Gallery?

Alteryx Analytics Gallery is an openly organized web service where we can publish, share and run applications over the cloud. The Analytics Gallery enables the Organization to process the big datasets in one environment.

The user who generates the analytic applications through the alteryx designer desktop is known as Data Artisan. After generating the analytic applications, the data artisan shares them privately or publicly in the Alteryx Analytics Gallery.

An Analytic Application is an Analytic Integration and Pre-Packaged data that we publish in the Alteryx Analytic Gallery through Data Artisans for answering particular tactical analytics questions.

A user who runs the applications that are distributed secretly through the collections is known as Member. Data Artisan gives Membership to users.

6 What backend database does Alteryx Promote use?

The database for Promote is PostgreSQL.

AlterYX Interview Questions # 22) What Capabilities In The Designer Desktop Cannot Be Used In The Analytics Gallery?

A) Check your configurations upstream. If there is an Allocate Append tool, be sure the spatial object specified in the drop down selection is a polygon object and NOT a point object. If the error is coming from a Reporting Map tool, ensure you are not choosing Smart Tiling on a String field as a Thematic mapping tile mode.

Answer # Anyone can sign up and become a Viewer, with the ability to run all applications in the Public Gallery, for free. As soon as you confirm your email, you will have access to the Public Gallery.

The Data Artisan who created the Collection will see the names of any additional users who are added to the Collection, and can remove them.

AlterYX Interview Questions # 11) What Is Required To Run An Application In A Private Collection?

Part 1 – Alteryx Interview Questions and Answers

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