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Top Programming interview questions on Dynamic Programming.

In computer terminology, dynamic programming computes the solution bottom-up by synthesizing them for smaller sub solutions. Then it tries different possibilities and choices before arriving at the final optimal set of choices. Different data structure GeeksforGeeks question asked in this topic are-

  • Knowledge of the minimum operation and minimum number of coins
  • Finding maximum length chain
  • Maximum sum increasing sub-sequence calculation
  • Minimum number of jumps problem solving
  • Editing distance GeeksforGeeks interview question
  • Predicting longest common sub-string
  • Longest increasing subsequence calculation
  • Knapsack problem solving
  • Coin change problem solving
  • Subset sum problem solving
  • Box stacking and road cutting.
  • Coding of the path in a matrix
  • They just wanted to check if i knew basics for every subject.First, they asked about my project then she asked from every subject, be it questions related to operating systems(pcb), sql queries(create table), networks(osi model, socket address), c++ codes(reverse an array, linked list insertion, exception handling), data structures, java(any code in java, jdbc, sets), oops(polymorphism, c++ code to demonstrate oops principles).

    Common GeeksforGeeks array interview questions :

    Array refers to the set of solutions that how is an operational application to an entire set off value in one go.

    Some of the important data structures GeeksforGeeks question in this area are :

  • Creation of sub-array with a given sum
  • Counting the triplets
  • Sorting of arrays in form of 0s, 1s and 2s
  • Conversion of array
  • Knowledge of equilibrium point
  • Use of minimum platforms and leaders in an array
  • Chocolate distribution problem solving
  • Zig-Zag fashion array conversion
  • Knowledge of the last index of 1
  • GeeksforGeek data structure interview questions:-

    A well-defined syllabus is an excellent start to prep you up in the right direction. A GeeksforGeeks interview question data structures covers a wide area of topics for coding. While preparing for programming interview questions you could segregate them into 14 main chapters.

  • Arrays
  • string
  • Linked list
  • Stack and queue
  • Tree and BST
  • Heap
  • Recursion
  • Hashing
  • Graph
  • Greedy
  • Dynamic programming
  • Divide and conquer
  • Backtracking
  • Bit Magic
  • Programming interview questions for linked list

    In information technology linked list refers to a linear Collection of data whose arrangement is not given by the physical position in the memory. Here are the top practice interview questions collected from an ideal GeeksforGeek interview question paper.

  • Predicting middle element in a given linked list
  • Reversing a given linked list
  • Rotation of a linked list
  • Reversal of a linked list in groups of a particular size
  • Intersection point prediction in Y shaped building list
  • Detecting loops in a given linked list
  • Removing loops in the given linked list
  • Implementation of queue and stack in a given linked list
  • Deleting data structure without header point
  • GeeksforGeeks interview questions for tree and BST.

    In Computer Science binary search tree is an arrangement of the elements that follow a certain order whereas a binary tree does not follow any such order. Some of the most commonly asked GeeksforGeeks interview questions regarding this topic are-

  • Getting a print of the left view of a binary tree
  • Checking for BST presence
  • getting a print of the bottom view of a given binary tree
  • Printing a given binary tree according to a vertical order
  • Performing level order traversal in a spiral form
  • Connecting notes present at the same label
  • Predicting lowest common ancestor in a BST
  • Converting a binary tree into a double linked list
  • Checking for height balance in a given binary tree
  • Serializing or desterilizing a given binary tree
  • Top 10 Graph Algorithms you must know before Programming Interview | GeeksforGeeks

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