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The AAP interviewer serves as the most direct point of contact between the Alumni Admissions Program and a prospective student. As an interviewer, you can significantly impact an applicant’s perspective on Georgetown. It is your role to interview students in a warm, welcoming way and in an effective, timely manner. Submit your interview reports thoroughly and thoughtfully, responding appropriately to requests from your Chair, reviewing communications from the Admissions Office, and contributing a positive view of Georgetown in the applicant’s local area.

Early Action

You must indicate your intention to apply for Early Action in the appropriate space on the application form and submit all materials by November 1.Â

Early Action isn’t binding, and you have until May 1 to submit your enrollment agreement, which is the same date as Regular Decision candidates. However, if you apply under Early Action, you may not apply to any binding Early Decision programs because you would not be free to choose Georgetown if accepted.Â

Early Decision applications require you to commit to attending if admitted, and you would have to withdraw applications to any other schools. If you werent admitted in the first round, your Early Action application is deferred to the spring review.Â

How to Prepare for the Georgetown University Interview

When you apply to Georgetown University as a first-year student, you must have an alumni interview. Transfer students aren’t required to attend an interview, but they can schedule one if they want to. If there are no alumni interviewers available in your region, your interview will be waived and will not negatively impact your chances of admission.Â

Your interview will be conducted by a member of the Georgetown University Alumni Admissions Program (AAP). You will receive your alumni interviewer’s contact information sometime between September and January.Â

You’re expected to schedule the interview as soon as possible, but you don’t need to complete it before the application deadline. You should practice answering questions that highlight your background and achievements. You should also prepare stellar questions to ask about the university from the perspective of an alumnus.Â

Here are a few examples of questions that you should expect to answer:Â

  • Tell me about yourself. You should talk about your hobbies, interests, and passions that have led you to apply for Georgetown. Be specific.
  • Why are you interested in Georgetown University? You should be able to cite specific programs and organizations you want to join and why.Â
  • Why do you want to major in ____? You may have already answered this question in your essays. Consider why you find a specific major interesting and reflect on experiences that have led you to this decision.Â
  • Other topics that may come up in your interview include extracurricular activities, summer experiences, family background, college and career plans, and exposure to the university.Â

    Here are a few excellent questions that you can ask your interviewer:Â

  • What did you study, and why did you study it? This question can be a great conversation starter, and you may be able to find a common interest in academics with your interviewer.Â
  • What was your favorite part of attending this college? What was your least favorite part? These would be appropriate personal questions that you can ask an alumnus.Â
  • How did you know this was the right college for you? What sets it apart? You want to ensure you choose the right place to settle for the next four or more years. Asking this question will help you take a step closer to your decision.
  • Alumni Interview Dos and Don’ts

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