A&M Dental Interview Questions

Who was the tour given by?

“Keep doing what youre doing. The interview process went great and was enjoyable!”

“Use a conference room with tables. They gave us the presentation sitting down in a small room and the position was a bit awkward.”

“Presentations look much better with visuals (powerpoint). I would have preferred a table to write on instead of my lap.”

“The holding tank didnt have very good air flow. The little booklet of DFW attractions was a bit unnecessary — I could learn the same or more just googling. Also, most people didnt have anywhere to put it, since the admissions office did not provide a folder of some sort. I fail to understand why we were not put in a conference room, as we were at the other two Texas schools. No power points, no table/surface to write notes on during the speeches from Dr. Miller and the financial aid lady.”

“I have no suggestions for the admissions office. They are doing a great job. The admissions committee is really what sold me to this school. They are extremely friendly and responsive. I emailed Dr. Miller one time in the evening and she responded quickly the next day. Dr. Pierpont took a couple of days and Dr. Segura did not even respond.”

“None; very nice people and quick and helpful responses.”

Who should you consult about a career in dentistry?

You should speak to the predental advisor on your university campus, Admission Offices of Dental Schools, the family dentist, other dentists in general practice and those involved in the various fields of dentistry such as public health, dental research, etc. Observation in the office of a general dentist is required. Information is also available from the American Dental Association, (ADA website www.ada.org), and the American Dental Education Association (ADEA website http://www.adea.org/).

When should the Dental Admission Test be taken?

The applicant should take the DAT in the spring or summer prior to applying. The DAT is offered at Prometric Testing Centers with locations throughout the country. An applicant with below average scores on the test may wish to retake the test in order to become more competitive. A 90-day waiting period is required before re-testing.

  • Dental Admissions Testing Program – ada.org/education/testing
  • The School participates in the Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service (TMDSAS). This central processing service allows the applicant to apply to any or all of the dental schools in the State of Texas. Texas Residents MUST apply through the TMDSAS.

    Texas A&M School of Dentistry requires the submission of a secondary application in addition to the primary application. This application can be accessed from links on the TMDSAS Web site or at the our application site TAMHSC APP.


    The School participates in the American Association of Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS) for out-of-state students only. Out-of-state applicants have two application options. They may apply through the TMDSAS, our preferred application service, or through AADSAS. Please note: Out-of-state applicants who apply through AADSAS must also apply with the Texas A&M School of Dentistry application. The School of Dentistry application is available online at the application site TAMHSC APP.

    To apply to the program leading to the Doctor of Dental Surgery degree the applicant should:

    Access full information and the on-line application at the website for www.tmdsas.com

    Timetable for filing application: Earliest date: May 1, year prior to desired admission It is to the applicants advantage to apply as early as possible.

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