Amadeus C++ Interview Questions

He was satisfied with my explanation and my code! One thing to note is to practice your DSA implementation skills because many other friends of mine were asked to implement sorting algorithms. I guess I was asked to implement tree because I stated in my intro that I am a 4-star coder at Codechef Hence maybe he decided to check whether I had achieved the rating on my own or not!

The very next day, around 9:55 am I logged into the interview link, it said to wait till the scheduled time is reached but my bad luck, at around 10:00 am only, there was an electricity outage in my area! I immediately switched to my mobile hotspot and logged in with the link! The interviewers were saying that I was going to reach out to you. I said sorry and clarified that there was a sudden electricity outage so I joined using my mobile net, is there any lag in my audio or video?? So, this is the way one has to handle things, there will be many hurdles but you have to be resilient!

Data analysis test: This test was somewhat different from general aptitude-based ones! The company in its PPT said that in the second round you must carry your calculator along with you, there will be no camera or audio detection but the time allocated for each question will be very less, and seriously it was very less! Around 1 minute for each question! Moreover, there were two sections included in this particular test which were needed to be completed one after the other:

Coding Test: There were three coding questions in the test. The questions were standard and medium-level questions, however, there was one special thing. Many students did copy the code from online forums, the test had a plagiarism check and therefore those people who copy pasted the code were not selected. This thing made me feel good about the company as many other companies do not even take plagiarism into account. Anyways, I went forward in this round and received the link for the next test

This question is a great way to show your interviewer that you are capable of handling multiple projects at once. When answering this question, it can be helpful to mention the most important aspects of the project and how they helped you develop skills or knowledge that will help you in this role.

Example: “When I was working at my previous job, we had a large group of employees who were constantly late for their shifts. This caused the entire team to be behind schedule, which made our customers unhappy. I gathered all of the employees together and explained that being late would not only affect them but also their coworkers. We came up with a plan where if an employee was more than five minutes late, they would have to write an apology letter to their coworkers. The result was that everyone started showing up on time.”

Example: “I am fluent in English, but I also speak Spanish fluently. In my last position as a customer service representative for a travel agency, I worked with customers who spoke both English and Spanish. I was able to translate their questions into Spanish so our sales team could better serve them.”

Example: “I’ve worked from home before, but I prefer being in the office because I find it easier to collaborate with my team members face-to-face. However, I understand that sometimes there are situations where working remotely is necessary. For example, I have a friend who works as a freelance writer and she often writes articles while traveling. She says it helps her get inspired and provides her with new ideas.”

Example: “I once disagreed with my manager about a new software update that would require us to change our current system. I expressed my concerns to my manager and asked for more time to test the new software before implementing it. My manager agreed to give me two weeks to test the software, and after testing it thoroughly, we decided not to implement the new software.”

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