Amadeus Qa Manager Interview Questions

Here are Test Lead / Test Manager / QA Manager interview questions and answers for fresher as well experienced candidates to get their dream job.

6) What is a Test Plan?

The Test Plan is a document describing the activities and the testing scope. It is the basic requirement for testing any software product.

14) Explain how test manager can estimate the project and what to estimate?

During Test Estimation, a Test Manager must evaluate four things

They can estimate the project in following ways

  • Work breakdown structure (WBS): Breaking down project into smaller segments
  • Three-point estimation: Three-point estimation is based on statistical data
  • Functional point method: Give weightage to each function and measure the size
  • In the three-point estimation, three values are initially produced for every task based on previous experience. For example, to complete a specific task the different possibilities are

  • Best case estimate: 120 man-hours or 15 days with experienced team members
  • The most likely estimate: 170 hours or 21 days with enough resources and moderate team members experience
  • The worst-case estimate: 200 man-hours or 25 days and with a team that has lesser work experience
  • 4) How would you select a Testing tool for your project?

  • Identify features required in an automation testing tool as per the project needs
  • Evaluate commercial and noncommercial tools that meet the requirements
  • Estimate cost and benefit of the tool. Cost could include licenses and training.
  • Make the final decision in consultation with team members.
  • 5) What are some key challenges in a Testing Project?

    Key challenges of software testing include

  • Testing phase us usually under a time constraint
  • Understanding the requirements can sometimes be a challenge
  • Application should be stable enough to be tested
  • Setting priorities for testing
  • Lack of skilled testers
  • Regression Testing
  • Frequent Requirements changing
  • Lack of tools, resource, and training
  • amadeus qa manager interview questions

    17) What does a good test report include?

    A good test report should include

  • Project Information
  • Test Objective
  • Test Summary
  • Defect
  • 18) List out some of the software quality assurance best practice?

    Some of the best practices for software Quality Assurance includes

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Documentation
  • Tool usage and automation
  • Metrics
  • Team work and shared responsibility for SQA
  • 8) What people skills should a Test Manager have?

  • Effective and clear communication
  • Should build good relationship with team members
  • Good listening skills and emotional intelligence
  • Motivate team members
  • Resolve conflicts and ethical issues.
  • Configuration Management covers the processes used to coordinate, control, and track test artifacts.

    The test artifacts could include automation Code, requirements, documentation, problems, designs, change requests, designs, etc.

  • Plan: Identify improvements and set targets
  • Do: Implement improvements
  • Check: Check result of improvements
  • Act: Learn from results
  • It is a Test Process Improvement (TPI) method.

    An informal review is a way of checking for defects without running code. Informal reviews are implemented many times during the initial stages of the test life cycle of the document. Informal reviews are not documented.

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    Top 20 Quality Manager Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

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