Amazon 2D Array Interview Questions

Strings interview questions

  • Given string s, return the longest palindromic substring in s.
  • Given a vector of strings, group the strings which are anagrams eg:- {ada,mnj,kkl,mjn,aad} Ans:- {{ada,aad},{mnj,mjn},{kkl}}
  • Reverse a string and stack it.
  • Given a string s which represents an expression, evaluate this expression and return its value.
  • Given two strings, determine if they are equal after backspace operators are processed.
  • Find the number of unique letters in all substrings of a string.
  • Given a string s, find the length of the longest substring without repeating characters.
  • Given a string s, return the maximum number of ocurrences of any substring under the following rules: The number of unique characters in the substring must be less than or equal to maxLetters, and the substring size must be between minSize and maxSize inclusive.
  • Given a string of heads or tails (e.g. “HHHTH”), return the minimum number of flips so that all heads are before all tails.
  • For more help with strings, take a look at our full guide on the subject, which includes 51 string interview questions.

    Scoring and Evaluating System at Amazon Interviews

    After completing the Amazon interview process and answering the Amazon coding interview questions, you must wait for HR to contact you. Lets take a look at how Amazons interviewers are evaluating you at the given time.

    The scoring system involves each interviewer rating the interviewee for each assigned area:Â

    While filling in the score, they can’t see others’ scores.

    Next, a debrief of all interviewers is held. During this debrief, the interviewers may change their scores. At the end of the discussion for hire, the HM and bar raiser have to agree. If they decide to hire, the level will be the same as interviewing for or lower. The level is finally decided by the HM and the recruiter.

    While the questions at each level may be similar, the expectated outcomes are different at each level. So the levels can be decided by the quality of answers.

    Zigzag Traversal (medium)Given a binary tree, populate an array to represent its zigzag level order traversal. You should populate the values of all nodes of the first level from left to right, then right to left for the next level, and keep alternating in the same manner for the following levels.

    amazon 2d array interview questions

    Nick CamilleriHead of Career Skills Development & Coaching*Based on past data of successful IK students

    Our tried & tested strategy for cracking interviews

    The 4 areas you must prepare for

    How you can accelerate your learnings

    Do you know that only about 2% of those who apply at Amazon get through? The tech giant has a pretty rigorous hiring process. The recruiters carefully select all the Amazon coding interview questions to test the overall abilities of the applicants.Â

    To face the Amazon coding challenge questions, you’ll need a lot of practice, guidance, and the correct strategy. As the company receives thousands of resumes every year, you’ll need to ace your tech interview to get through.

    If you intend to acing Amazon’s coding interview, you must adopt the right strategy. Without that, beating the stiff competition is an uphill climb.Â

    In this article, we’ll look at the type of Amazon coding interview questions you can expect. These are the things we will discuss:

  • The Complete Amazon Interview Process
  • Different Levels at Amazon
  • Amazon Coding Interview Questions
  • Scoring and Evaluating System at Amazon Interviews
  • FAQs on Amazon Coding Interview Questions
  • Before we get to Amazon coding interview questions, we’ll begin with everything you need to know about how Amazon conducts its interviews and what they’re looking for. Let’s jump right in!

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