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Below is a list of 59 confirmed system design interview questions that were asked at Google, Amazon, Facebook, or Microsoft.

We identified these questions by analyzing a dataset of over 300 Glassdoor interview reports that were posted by software engineers, engineering managers, and technical program managers.

And the first thing youll want to know is which of these questions are the most common. Let’s get started.

System design interview questions

The 8 questions below were the most common out of over 350 system design interview questions that we collected, and theyre listed roughly in order of frequency below (note: weve just made minor edits to the phrasing).

Lets dig into these:

Q How would you design a search typeahead?

This is another Amazon systems design interview question that frequently features in Amazon systems design interviews. In order to answer this question, you should consider the following aspects –

  • Store previous search queries in the database
  • Keep the data fresh
  • Find the appropriate matches to the entered string
  • Handle the queries per second – to be automatically handled by the system
  • DIsplay the best matches from strings contained in the database
  • Q Design a URL shortening service.Â

    This is one of the most common Amazon system design interview questions involving shortening URLs for ease of sharing and use. While designing the URL shortening service, your ideal solution should:

  • Create a unique URL ID while shortening a URL
  • Handle redirects
  • Delete expired URLs
  • Have an upper limit of the number of characters for the shortened URL
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    Q What aspects would you consider while designing a Web Crawler?

    This is one of the most common systems design interview questions asked at the Amazon interview. While designing a web crawler, the following aspects need to be considered –

  • Prioritize web pages that are dynamic as these pages appear more frequently in search engine rankings
  • The crawler should not be unbounded on the same domain
  • Build a system that constantly tracks new web pages
  • System Design is a key aspect at Amazon

    Amazon focuses on hiring employees who can stay smart, innovate for customers, make fast decisions, and remain nimble. Amazonian build reliable, scalable, and cost-optimal performance systems.

    System design is mandatory to prepare for interviews for all experienced candidates, with 2+ years of experience. Freshers are not asked system design questions, because it is something experienced folks are supposed to know. With 2 years of experience, you’ll be asked Low-level System Design questions, and after 4 years of experience, companies do expect you to know high-level system design.

    The System Design round of Amazon takes place in the later stages of the Amazon interview process. This company conducts system design interviews after the phone screening round, which lasts for about 40 to 60 minutes in a video format mainly. The interviewer will be a hiring manager, or someone else of the same level of the role you’re applying for, who will ask more in-depth questions about your resume.

    In this round, prepare for answering system design questions, as well as coding questions.

    Nick CamilleriHead of Career Skills Development & Coaching*Based on past data of successful IK students

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    The 4 areas you must prepare for

    How you can accelerate your learnings

    System design interview questions are a crucial part of any tech interview. A system design interview analyzes your ability to solve problems and create systems that can solve the company’s or clients problems. You may think of it as a brainstorming session where you’ll be expected to discuss a complex system efficiently.Â

    System design interviews are always driven by open-ended questions. Consider these interviews as an opportunity to work with your interviewer, just as a team would, to solve challenges related to the company’s goals.

    Amazon builds scalable, reliable, and cost-optimal performance systems, and system design is a key aspect. It focuses on hiring employees who make fast decisions, stay smart, innovate for customers, and remain nimble. Hence, you must prepare for Amazon system design interview questions to land a job at this company.

    In this article, we’ll look at some of the most popular Amazon system design interview questions and some noteworthy tips to solve them. We’ll also try to understand the system design interview process at Amazon.

    Here’s what we will cover:

  • Amazon System Design Interview Process
  • Concepts to Prepare for Amazon System Design Interview
  • Amazon System Design Interview Questions and Answers
  • Amazon System Design Interview Questions for Practice
  • Tips to Crack Amazon System Design Interview Questions
  • Amazon System Design Interview: Design Parking Garage

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