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AWS is a leading cloud platform which offers cloud computing services like IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. AWS provides compute, storage, database, DevOps, machine learning, AI, monitoring and networking services on subscription or pay as you go models. We at DotNetTricks are committed to upgrading your skills with the latest industry trends. So, we have created a list of the top 20 AWS interview questions and answers, in order to prepare you for the interview.

4 What is MSBuild in the .NET Core?

MSBuild is the free and open-source development platform for Visual Studio and Microsoft. It is a build tool that is helpful in automating the software product creation process, along with source code compilation, packaging, testing, deployment, and documentation creation. Using MSBuild, we can build Visual Studio projects and solutions without the need of installing the Visual Studio IDE.

In the Universal Windows Platform(UWP) app, if you open the folder named project, you will get to see both files namely project.json and *.csproj. But if you open our previous Console application in .NET Core, you will get to see project.json and *.xproj files.

What are the types of memories supported in the .NET framework?

Two types of memories are present in .NET. They are:

Stack: Stack is a stored-value type that keeps track of each executing thread and its location. It is used for static memory allocation.

Heap: Heap is a stored reference type that keeps track of the more precise objects or data. It is used for dynamic memory allocation.

Localization is the process of customizing our application to behave as per the current culture and locale.

Globalization is the process of designing the application so that it can be used by users from across the globe by supporting multiple languages.

Explain about .NET Core Components.

The .NET Core Framework is composed of the following components:

  • CLI Tools: Command Line Interface(CLI) tools is a cross-platform tool for developing, building, executing, restoring packages, and publishing. It is also capable of building Console applications and class libraries that can run on the entire .NET framework. It is installed along with .NET Core SDK for the selected platforms. So it does not require separate installation on the development machine. We can verify for the proper CLI installation by typing dotnet on the command prompt of Windows and then pressing Enter. If usage and help-related texts are displayed, then we can conclude that CLI is installed properly.
  • Roslyn(.NET Compiler platform): It is a set of an open-source language compiler and also has code analysis API for the C# and Visual Basic (VB.NET) programming languages. Roslyn exposes modules for dynamic compilation to Common Intermediate Language(CLI), syntactic (lexical) and semantic code analysis, and also code emission.
  • CoreFX: CoreFX is a set of framework libraries. It consists of the new BCL(Base Class Library) i.e. System.* things like System.Xml, System.Collections, etc.
  • CoreCLR: A JIT(Just In Time) based CLR (Command Language Runtime). CoreCLR is the runtime implementation that runs on cross-platform and has the GC, RyuJIT, native interop, etc.
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    CTS stands for Common Type System. It follows a set of structured rules according to which a data type should be declared and used in the program code. It is used to describe all the data types that are going to be used in the application.

    We can create our own classes and functions by following the rules in the CTS. It helps in calling the data type declared in one programming language by other programming languages.

    Common Language Specification (CLS) helps the application developers to use the components that are inter-language compatible with certain rules that come with CLS. It also helps in reusing the code among all of the .NET-compatible languages.

    JIT stands for Just In Time. It is a compiler that converts the intermediate code into the native language during the execution.

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