Amazon Internship Second Round Interview Questions

Top skills recommended for Amazon Intern interview Insights by AmbitionBox

  • Customer Service
  • bpo
  • international voice
  • Technical Support
  • customer support
  • voice process
  • voice
  • US Shift
  • Amazon interview questions for similar designations

  • Q1. To reverse Linked List in pair of three. View Answers (2)
  • Q2. Search a number in sorted rotated array. View Answers (1)
  • Q3. A dynamic programming question was there to find a path in matrix. View Answers (1)
  • 10interviewsfound Sort by:

  • Q1. Given a sorted array of integers, find the frequency of 2 in the array in log(n) time. View Answers (13)
  • Q2. Given an array of numbers, for each index of the array, find the maximum frequency integer to the right of the array. View Answers (1)
  • Intern Jobs at Amazon

    amazon internship second round interview questions

    easy and of 90min basic dsa will help u clearing

  • Q1. describe yourself in 3 words project discussion amazon values Add Answer
  • Action: I go into the technical details about everything I did here, including the steps I took, the number of people I reached out to. I would describe the numerous problems I faced because it was the first time I was interacting with the Instagram side of code. I would further elaborate on how my internship was ending soon and it was doubtful whether I’d be able to finish before my last date, which increased the pressure.

    If your OAs are perfect, 7/7 in OA1, pass all test cases in OA2, and a great fit as per the Workstyles Assessment as well as OA3, you’ll only have 1 final round. They will ask you about how you approached and solved the questions given to you in OA2. AS SIMPLE AS THAT. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! This has to be the easiest way to get a fulltime at a FAANG company.

    For each question, you will be given a problem and a small solution for it. The solution will have small bugs (it will compile, but won’t perform as expected). The bugs will be very minor (for example, some variable in a for loop incorrectly set) and easy to spot. However, the key to this round is timing.

    You will then receive the first OA. Each OA will have a 5-day deadline, and the next OA will be sent to you 24 hours after completing the current one. Hence the online assessment rounds should take approximately 15–18 days maximum. You can ask for an extension for any assessment but I wouldn’t recommend that. Amazon tends to hire on a rolling basis and you might not get an offer solely because they have sent out the max offers and you’ll be put on hold, regardless of how well you perform. This is because they give out a lot more interviewing opportunities than their headcount requirement. This happened to me for the full-time role, and I received an offer letter 2 months after being put on hold. So my advice to you would be to finish the OAs and schedule the final rounds as soon as possible.

    One of the two questions will be easy and the other one can be medium or hard.

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    Believe me or not before I faced an Amazon interview round I was never sure whether all those gratitude that people usually present to GeeksforGeeks were actually worth. But it is always easier to connect the dots looking backwards and now I can say with assurance that this website really deserves all the applause.

    A few days after appearing in this round, I was informed that I have been qualified for the next round.

    I was recently interviewed for an internship position at Amazon and had to go through a total of 3 rounds i.e. one online followed by two telephonic rounds.

    Online Round As usual the online round had two coding questions and 20 MCQs. This was a pretty easy round and it’s duration was 90 minutes. The round consisted of questions from various domains like Algorithm, Data Structure, Operating System and Aptitude.

    The Amazon Software Engineering Internship Interview Process + Tips to Succeed

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