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The Role of Data Engineers at Amazon

If you’re wondering what your role as a data engineer at Amazon would entail, here’s what it looks like;

  • Collect, store and manage huge quantities of data.Â
  • Convert raw data into information that can be used to make decisions.
  • Be at the forefront of data-driven decision-making by working closely with data scientists, product managers, and software engineers.
  • Â Build and maintain database architectures.
  • Develop tools for data analysis and process automation.
  • Coordinate with product managers, software engineers, and data scientists to work on common projects that involve leveraging datasets.
  • Leverage SQL and programming to build algorithms.
  • Perform data modeling and carry out ETL design, keeping with best practices.
  • Tips to Crack Amazon’s Data Engineering Interview

    Take note of the following tips to nail your next Amazon data engineer interview:

  • Start your prep at least 10 weeks before your interview
  • Practice coding on a whiteboard for the onsite interview
  • Practice mock interviews with professionals from FAANG companies
  • Think out loud your solution to give the hiring manager a window into your analytical approach
  • Create a project portfolio and list your projects in the STAR format
  • Brush up on concepts in your programming language
  • Gear Up for Your Next Data Engineering Interview

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    Amazon’s data engineers play a crucial role in the company’s day-to-day business operations. Data engineers work closely with various teams, including product, marketing, and operations, to ensure that data is leveraged effectively for decision-making. Being a consumer-centric organization with millions of users, data engineers play a critical role in helping understand consumer behavior and working closely with AI and ML teams to build algorithms for predictive data models.Â

    The interview process for data engineers at Amazon is very similar to the process for software engineering roles. Just like how software engineers need to be good with coding, data engineers need to be adept in object-oriented programming languages, namely Python, C++, and Java. The process has a coding round where problems are asked around core data structures and algorithms. Besides coding, data engineers also have to be good with ETL design, data modeling, and SQL.

    In this article, we’ll look at some Amazon data engineer interview questions and also take a quick look at the interview process for data engineering roles. Here’s what we’ll cover in this article:

  • The Role of Data Engineers in Amazon
  • Skills and Qualifications Required to Be an Amazon Data Engineer
  • Amazon Data Engineer Interview Process
  • Amazon Data Engineer Interview Questions
  • Tips to Crack the Amazon Data Engineer Interview
  • Amazon Data Engineer Coding Interview Questions

    Coding is a key aspect of the data engineer interview. How you apply patterns to solve problems at the interview and your ability to think out solutions with an analytical approach will put you ahead of the competition.

  • Given an integer array arr of size n, find all magic triplets in it. A magic triplet is a group of three numbers whose sum is zero. (Click here for solution)
  • Given an array of integers, find any non-empty subarray whose elements sum up to zero. (Click here for solution)
  • You are given an array of integers, arr, of size n, which is analogous to a continuous stream of integers input. Your task is to find K largest elements from a given stream of numbers. (Click here for solution)
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    amazon interview behavioral questions geeksforgeeks

    amazon interview behavioral questions geeksforgeeks

    amazon interview behavioral questions geeksforgeeks

  • Given an unsorted set of numbers from 1 to N with exactly two of them missing, find those two missing numbers. (Click here for solution)
  • Write a function that adds two numbers, a and b, represented as linked lists of size lenA and lenB, respectively, and returns the sum c in the form of a new linked list. (Click here for solution)
  • For more coding problems asked at the Amazon Data Engineer interview, visit our comprehensive Problems page.Â


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