Amazon Interview Questions For Data Analyst

We value your desire to learn how to pass Amazons rigorous interview and assessments. The job-hunting journey isnt simple for anyone. No likes to be put to the test and get evaluated during interviews.

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Excel test measures your ability to complete tasks in Microsofts Excel software at various levels. The advanced level test requires a candidate to master the different features of the software. Most of the questions on the test will deal with document properties, formulas, macro creation, advanced formatting, and more.

Typically, a case study or analysis exercise introduces a series of fictional documents, such as reports and results from recent market research. These documents may relate to hypothetical or real-life situations.

You are asked to analyze the case at hand, make business decisions, and/or give a brief verbal or written report of your recommendations. You may also be given additional information to assess and respond to throughout the allocated time.

In some instances, these exercises include content that is relevant to the companys affairs, giving candidates a taste of a real day-to-day task. You may be asked to complete the case study as an individual exercise or as part of a group, which allows assessors to evaluate your ability to work as part of a team.

Data Analyst Interview Notes and Tips

The Amazon data analyst interview questions primarily consists of data science concepts. It is uniquely structured to assess a candidate’s ability to analyze Amazon’s data to provide new insights that will shape business decisions. Leveraging Amazon’s “STAR” format in answering questions can be advantageous. To better understand Amazon’s STAR process, check out data analyst interview questions.

Interviewers at Amazon are looking for you to support your answers with your previous work experience. Attempt to answer each question with examples from past work experience; this may include the challenges you faced, what method or approach you used, and how you overcame those challenges.

  • Which functions in SQL do you like the most?
  • Explain OLAP cubes and a use case explaining business analytics application.
  • What are data normalization and non-normalization?
  • What happens to the data of a table with foreign keys when the associated table with primary keys has been updated?
  • What do you understand by cascading referential integrity?
  • Explain the difference between the linear and logistic regression and use examples.
  • What is an independent variable, and what if I have three independent variables in my model and no dependent variable?
  • Write an equation for the multivariance or multiple regression model.
  • Given a sample with n observations, how could you test a hypothesis?
  • What are the Assumptions of ANOVA.
  • What test would you use for a small sample?
  • What is the null hypothesis?
  • What are type 1 and type 2 errors?
  • Use the following tables to write a query to retrieve data for customers who registered in the past ten days and spent over $100. Write another query to retrieve data for customers that spent over $100 in the past seven days. The first table is a customer purchase table with five columns: customer id, purchase date, product id, unit price, and units purchased. The second table is a customer details table with two columns: customer id and registration date.
  • What is the probability of generating ten consecutive numbers in ascending order out of 100 numbers?
  • How would you merge two tables in SQL?
  • Write a function to calculate the Fibonacci code in any of these languages (VBA, Python, Java).
  • This is a technical interview with a member of HR or a manager. Amazon uses a collaboration service platform called “Collabedit” for all its technical interviews.

    Amazon is a large conglomerate technology company offering many products and services. As a result of this, Amazon has over 100 teams working on various areas. Data analysts work with these teams to help bridge the gap between data and the decision making process. Generally, data analysts at Amazon help streamline the decision making process through the analysis of data.

    Data analysts at Amazon help bridge the gap between data and the decision-making process. Typical data analyst roles at Amazon include data analysis, dashboard/report building, and metric definitions and reviews. Data analysts at Amazon also design systems for data collection, compiling, analysis, and reporting.

    Data analyst roles differ based on the type of data they are working with (e.g Twitch data, Sales data, Alexia data, etc.), the type of project they are on, the product they’re working with, and the team theyre assigned to. Data analysts at Amazon also collaborate cross-functionally with various teams including engineering, data science, and marketing to provide data-driven insights to research and business areas. Depending on the team, the role may range from basic business intelligence analytics such as data processing, analysis, and reporting to a more technical role like data collection.

    The Amazon data analyst interview process follows the standard Amazon “STAR” (Situation, Task, Action, and Result) process with slight variations. The interview process starts with an initial phone screen with HR. After this, a technical interview will be scheduled. Once you get through the technical interview, a final onsite interview with 5 to 6 one-on-ones with the hiring manager, team members, and HR will be scheduled.

    Examples of Machine Learning and Modeling Questions and Technical Questions

  • Explain a machine learning model and why it is relevant
  • What is your approach to explaining technical concepts like R-square to your non-technical colleagues?
  • Discuss a machine learning technique you find interesting
  • Differentiate between a queue and a stack
  • Do you think an array has any difference from a linked list?
  • Amazon SQL Interview Question for Data Scientists and Data Analysts (StrataScratch 10322)

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