Amazon Interview Questions For Mba Freshers

Amazon Technical Program Manager (TPM) interviews are really challenging. The questions are difficult, specific to Amazon, and cover a wide range of topics.

The good news is that the right preparation can make a big difference and can help you land a job as a TPM at Amazon (or AWS). To help you get there, we have put together the ultimate guide below.

Describe a time you took the lead on a project.

Amazon wants its MBA hired to have strong leadership potential. This means it’s important to come to your interview ready to highlight a few projects where you’ve taken the lead. Remember to talk explicitly about the practical outcomes of the project, including any key metrics that demonstrate your success through data.

When did you take a risk, make a mistake, or fail?

One of Amazon’s leadership principles is ‘learn and be curious.’ That’s why it’s crucial during an Amazon interview to demonstrate self awareness and highlight your ability to admit—and learn from—mistakes. Make sure you highlight how you grew from the failure as well as your initial response.

Amazon Interview Process

The first step in getting your dream job at amazon is knowing the hiring process for Amazon Interviews. Let us understand the process of applying a job at Amazon.

Step 1: Applying for a Job at Amazon

Job application is one of the first steps in getting a step closer to getting your dream job. There are numerous ways in which you can do this step.

  • Applying through is probably the easiest ways to apply for a job at Amazon. However the chances of your resume getting shortlisted are less than the other other two methods mentioned below
  • Approaching Recruiters on Linkedin – In this step, you need to ensure a couple of things. Among them, the first is keeping an updated Linkedin profile, having an up to date resume attached on Linkedin etc. It is very important to know the exact role you want to apply to, before you approach any amazon recruiter.
  • Getting a Referral from an Amazon employee – This method has the highest probability of getting an interview at Amazon, so if you have a friend or acquaintance who can refer you, you are in luck!
  • Step 2: Interview Rounds in Amazon : Amazon offers four rounds of interviews, as well as an initial coding test. Data Structure or Algorithms problems make up the coding portion of the exam. The first round is an HR round in which the candidate is asked behavioural questions as well as Computer Science theory questions. The next three rounds are entirely dedicated to DS/Algorithms.

    After the Interviews: After these rounds, the recruiter contacts the candidate and informs them of the outcome. Along with technical capabilities, they look at the candidate’s leadership values.

    After getting Hired: Once the team and you are both comfortable and ready to begin, the recruiters will prepare and share an offer letter with you, and you will be hired! The first round in the Amazon Interview Process is an HR Screening round, here you will be asked Amazon Behavioural Interview Questions. This round is relatively easy than other rounds, but you should know what to speak, and what to expect. In the section of Amazon Interview Questions, we will take a deep dive into Amazon Behavioural Interview Questions.

    3 What happens behind the scenes

    Your recruiter is leading the process and taking you from one stage to the next. Heres what happens at each of the stages described above:

  • After the phone screens, your recruiter decides to move you to the onsite or not, depending on how well youve done up to that point
  • After the onsite, each interviewer files their notes into the internal system, grades you and makes a hiring recommendation (i.e. “Strong hire”, “Hire”, “No hire”, “Strong no hire”)
  • The “Debrief” brings all your interviewers together and is led by the Bar Raiser, who is usually the most experienced interviewer and is also not part of the hiring team. The Bar Raiser will try to guide the group towards a hiring decision. Its rare, but they can also veto hiring even if all other interviewers want to hire you.
  • You get an offer. If everything goes well, the recruiter will then give you an offer, usually within a week of the onsite but it can sometimes take longer
  • Its also important to note that recruiters and people who refer you have little influence on the overall process. They can help you get an interview at the beginning, but thats about it.

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