Amazon Manager Round Interview Questions

Landing an interview with Amazon might feel like one of the most exciting — and intimidating — things to happen to you. Amazon, like most organizations, puts a lot of effort into hiring the right fit for their open positions. As CEO Jeff Bezos once shared, “Id rather interview 50 people and not hire anyone than hire the wrong person.”

It says a lot if your resume got past the gatekeepers and into the hands of an Amazon hiring manager. Now, take a deep breath and get prepped for your interview.

Onsite Interview

The on-site is the final stage you’ll go through in your journey towards cracking the Engineering Manager interview at Amazon. Amazon’s onsite will include 5-6 rounds that overall will take one whole day. Each interview will be for about an hour. They’ll be conducted by several different people. They’ll usually be other SDMs, but can sometimes also include a hiring manager/HR representative or even a Software Engineer.Â

Amazon also has a concept of bar raisers, who are assigned to interviews to make sure each new hire is better than at least 50% of their workforce. You will not know who is the bar raiser for your interview, but your job is to also show in what ways you are better than 50% of their workforce. Expect structured interviews. They may not initiate a lot of back and forth.Â

1. Leadership:

  • Leadership is one of the first aspects that is tested. To crack the Engineering Manager interview at Amazon, your understanding of what it takes to be a credible leader is important. These interviews will be largely about assessing you based on the 16 leadership principles, how you’ve demonstrated them in the past, and your experience relevant to the role.Â
  • Make “stories” out of the experiences where you’ve demonstrated that you follow these principles in STAR format. (STAR format refers to starting your story by establishing the Situation first, then stating the Task you had, what Action you took, and lastly, stating the Result of that action.) Most leadership questions can be answered using the STAR format.
  • 2. System design:Â

  • Expect at least one interview focused on system design. Leadership and system design questions are the primary focus of interviews for an SDM role at Amazon. You need to be able to design highly scalable systems. Be creative and structured at the same time and ask clarifying questions initially.Â
  • First design on a high level, then move on to designing components, starting with the ones you prefer. Lastly, make sure your approach meets the requirements you were given, explain how your approach would work, your thought process, and the tradeoffs you made to the interviewer.Â
  • 3. Coding:Â

  • They may test your coding skills a bit, but that rarely happens. Be clear on the fundamentals, so you can answer basic questions if asked.Â
  • When preparing for Amazon’s SDM role, more focus on System Design and Leadership is worthwhile.
  • Writing Assignment

    Before the onsite interview, you may (or may not) get a written assignment that tests your communication skills and will help direct some of your onsite interview. For example, you could be asked to write about a past achievement, and behavioral questions could be asked based on what you write.Â

    If you’re given choices, choose the question that helps you align yourself authentically with the leadership principles. Also, since you’re expected to be a leader, don’t overstate your contributions at the expense of your team.

    Video Screening

    There will be one or two calls with a hiring manager along with an engineer for 45-60 minutes. Expect questions that assess you based on leadership principles, questions about your work experience, and questions related to people management. Expect multiple follow-up questions, be ready with detailed answers for anything in your resume relevant to the role.Â

    Their goal is to check how you think, what tradeoffs you choose to make. You may also be asked a system design question in this interview, although it will not be focused on that. So prepare for system design early for a more robust preparation.

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