Amazon Operations Analyst Interview Questions

Apart from getting the necessary qualification, you need to prepare well to increase your chances of success when you go for an interview. This article provides essential details on the Amazon business analyst interview and tips to help you prepare for the interview.

Amazon is a large tech and e-commerce company that utilizes product development and business analytics in expanding its business. Being a business analyst in Amazon, your sole responsibility will include the ability to build a functional set of operational and business metrics.

A business analyst in Amazon has to work with other teams to design, create, and employ the reporting systems. It also involves your ability to use metrics to enhance development opportunities. A business analyst will also be involved in aiding the Kaizen processes.

The Amazon business analyst interview is similar across the entire team. What matters is that your resume is shortlisted. The interview has about 4 to 5 rounds which will have to take place within a day. However, you must have done an online screening with a hiring manager. The round of interviews involves Amazon’s 16 leadership principles which aim is to test your ability. It also includes Amazon technical interview questions.

In essence, the interview involves the leadership principles, technical interview questions, background knowledge on database system design, coding, SQL queries, and product and business cases.

Be sure to review common interview questions that might also pop up during your interview and think through your specific answers for these. These are just a few common questions we’ve seen in interviews for operations analysts. Below, we list a few more for you to consider before your in-person interview.

What would you do if you found out your closest friend at work was stealing?

You are likely to be asked this question regardless of the position youre interviewing for, especially with cost reduction and shrinkage being top priorities for a company like Amazon. There is really only one way to answer this question that speaks to honesty, integrity, trust, and leadership:

While it would be a difficult situation to find myself in, integrity is essential to me. Plus, stealing is against policy and costs the companys bottom line, no matter how insignificant the theft might seem. I would go to my department manager and report the theft or use the companys recommended reporting policy for such behavior.

Most Important Amazon Business Analyst SQL Concept

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a standard for accessing databases. It is an integral part of the Amazon business analyst interview as you will be required to provide solutions using SQL.

You don’t spend much time focusing on the theoretical concepts of Amazon and its services because only a few questions are asked during the interview. You need to prepare yourself for the interview by solving practical SQL questions.

Some of the basic concepts of SQL interview include;

  • Storing data in multiple tables.
  • Merging data using JOIN clauses, common table expressions, or subqueries
  • Data aggregation
  • Major Distinguishing Factor of the Amazon Business Analyst Interview

  • Scenario-based Questions — one major distinguishing factor of the Amazon business analyst interview is the scenario-based questions. The best way to approach them is through the STAR method. The main aim of this is to elaborate on your work experience.
  • Tip: Address the scenario-based questions by explaining in the context of a situation you were involved in and the responsibility given to you. Explain how you were able to perform your responsibility and the outcomes of your actions.

    In essence, you should make use of the STAR method. (Situation, Task, Action, Result). Emphasize more on the action and the result.

  • Technical Questions — another major distinguishing factor of the Amazon business analyst interview is the technical question. It includes SQL queries and ETLs, business case questions, statistical analysis, and product metrics.
  • There will be at least one round on technical skills. This round aims to test your SQL skills. However, it will help if you have background knowledge in Python or data visualization tools. You should expect SQL questions on your interview and other elements of data engineering such as data extraction and transformation.

    The Amazon business analyst interview includes the behavioral interview, which has to do with leadership principles. Explain how you have exhibited leadership competency through past events.

    Some examples of leadership competency include;

  • Customer management – explain how you have addressed customers’ issues by offering better solutions.
  • Deep research — explain how you have provided solutions to complex issues by researching the issue deeply.
  • Emphasis on action and result — while you might have a lot to say about your work experience, prioritize talking about action and result.
  • Trust — leadership processes are not complete without you mentioning how you have gained the trust of your other team members. Explain how you have maintained good relationships with customers.
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