Amazon Phone Screening Interview Questions

Today, one of every 153 American workers is an Amazon employee. With that, you may assume that getting hired is a breeze. However, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos once said: “I’d rather interview 50 people and not hire anyone than hire the wrong person.” If you’re about to face off against Amazon interview questions, that might legitimately be the most intimidating statement ever.

Now, that doesn’t mean Amazon wants you to fail. Instead, it simply means they only want to hire people who bring the right stuff to the table. With a bit of preparation, you can make the cut. So, come with us as we explore the world of Amazon interview questions.

Download our “Job Interview Questions & Answers PDF Cheat Sheet” that gives you word-for-word sample answers to some of the most common interview questions including:

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Questions asked at Amazon Phone Interview:

  • Be it in a face to face interview or telephonic interview, one common question one can expect to be asked is “Why Amazon?” Or “Why is one keen to join the particular company?”. The candidate will have to be prepared enough to give a straight and honest answer. It should be more specific rather than a generalized opinion. Make sure to learn about the rating of the company in the Forbes or other magazines. A candidate can also state that as a reason for opting Amazon.
  • Then, like in any other interview, one should go on to learn enough about one’s past work experiences and points mentioned in the resume, so that they can give a proper explanation when the interviewer asks questions. Read up thoroughly about past projects and especially of one’s contribution towards it. Talking about achievements and success stories when called for, definitely helps.
  • After that, the interviewer could go on to ask questions with regard to Java or other such technical questions. One example of a question asked is to tell apart the terms Final, Finally or Finalize or maybe to discriminate equals from == and so on. The candidate may also be asked to specify if one has more knowledge of Java or the c# language.
  • Some common questions asked for Amazon interviews are given here. The candidate would have to know how to explain the 4 basics of OOP. One should also know how to define data abstraction and its importance.
  • One should expect to be asked basic questions about software development. One might also have to put in plain words the intricacy of the algorithm. In other words, the candidate can for sure expect questions on algorithm and coding.
  • It would also be better if one could learn how to prepare an Object-Oriented model design for the elevator, parking lots or movie theatres. Most interviews for Amazon, ask the candidate to be ready with an Object-Oriented design for the deck of cards or parking lots, with emphasis on the classes and the functions parking lot. The candidate, while designing the lot, would also have to take into consideration the various types of parking facilities offered.
  • Another time, a candidate was asked to explain about polymorphism, or even could be asked to find about ten of the top-selling products. One can base the answer, according to the number of sales of each of these products.
  • The candidate was also asked if in an array of integers, every number comes in even times whereas only one number appears odd times, what the answer would be? The candidate could be then asked to write code with the answer, which is derived as a hash table
  • One could also be asked questions about the data structure so that one can use it to find out the phone numbers of the customer names. The second interview again is more of the same related topics. Most questions asked is believed to be based on cc, even though there definitely is a chance for extensions.
  • One thing that everyone would agree on is that the first two rounds of telephonic interviews are by and large highly technical. The candidate would have to explain the algorithms used to solve the problem. This algorithm has a computational complexity at a higher level than that of coding. The candidate would also have to justify one’s mathematical knowledge with the answers they give to algebra questions.
  • How Should I Prepare for the Amazon Phone Screen Interview?

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