Amazon Software Design Round Interview Questions

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Amazon System Design Interview Questions for Practice

Once youve figured out how to answer Amazon system design interview questions, you can use these sample questions to better prepare.

  • How would you design a warehouse system for
  • How would you design so it can handle 10x more traffic than today?
  • How would you design Amazon.coms database (customers, orders, products, etc.)?
  • Design a counters system for online services.
  • Design a game of chess.
  • Design a parking garage.Â
  • Design an email sender that can send 100,000,000 emails. You have five machines. How could you do it efficiently?
  • Design a video streaming service.Â
  • Design an online bookstore.Â
  • Design a global file storage service or sharing service.Â
  • Design an API rate limiter.Â
  • Design a proximity server.Â
  • Design a type-ahead service.
  • How do you design a vending machine in Java?
  • How to design a limit order book for trading systems?
  • How do you design an elevator system?
  • How would you go about designing an e-commerce website?
  • How would you go about designing the e-commerce website using microservices? How will you handle transactions?
  • Create an autocomplete feature like word suggestions on search engines. How will you scale it to millions of users?
  • Amazon Software Engineer Interview Questions

    Here are some of the questions asked during the software engineer or senior SDE interview at Amazon:

    Skills Required to Crack the Amazon Software Engineer Interviews

    During the Amazon interview process, software engineers or senior SDEs are asked several different types of questions. The key skills required by applicants to successfully crack the behavioral as well as technical interview are:

    Technical Skills:

    In addition to the above skills, all Amazon employees are expected to adhere to the 14 Amazon leadership principles.

    Q How do you design a traffic control system?

    This system design interview question has been popular for a while now. While answering this question, your ideal solution should:

  • Consider all phase transitions (From red to green, red to orange to green, and so on.)
  • Be clear on the conditions in which a certain transition will take place
  • Consider pedestrian crossing requirements
  • Determine cycle length
  • Determine clearance time
  • Apportion green light time appropriately
  • The traffic control system’s behavior will depend on the state of the traffic control system. Explain all your considerations when stating your solution and reasons for trade-offs made, if any.

    Timeline and Difficulty Level of Amazon Software Engineer InterviewÂ

    To ace the Amazon Senior SDE interview questions or the ones for software engineers, you need to know the exact process and timeline for applying successfully and getting selected. This process has been outlined below:

  • Have your resume, cover letter, and referrals (if any) prepared and compiled in a professional manner following all the industry norms.
  • After submitting these, you will have to wait to receive a call or email from an Amazon HR executive, who will tell you about Amazon’s 4-stage selection process.
  • The first stage is the online assessment, and it can take approximately two to three weeks to get to this stage.
  • If you make it through the first stage, the next stage is the phone screen, consisting of one to two interview sessions.
  • Following this, you will have to face an on-site interview that consists of four to six sessions.
  • Finally, the results are declared in a debriefing meeting, and you get your offer letter to join Amazon as a software engineer. The second to fourth stages take about two to five weeks to complete.
  • If all of this sounds daunting, be better prepared by learning more about the Amazon Senior SDE interview questions by reading our article How Hard Is It to Get a Job at Amazon.

    Amazon System Design Interview: Design Parking Garage

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