Amazon Software Qa Manager Interview Questions

Recruiter Screen

This 30-minute phone interview is to talk to you about you and your resume. Expect behavioral questions like “Tell me about yourself” and “Why Amazon?” They may ask about past experiences relevant to the role to check if your leadership style may be a good fit for Amazon. Basically, the aim is to assess your background and fit to see if you have a shot at the job.Â

Expect behavioral questions and questions about your work experience. You can ask questions about the hiring process as well here; they’ll be happy to answer any appropriate questions you may have.

What Does Amazon Look for in a Software Development Manager?

Amazon looks for tech leaders with a passion for team development. The e-commerce arm of Amazon is open to candidates of more diverse backgrounds, but the Amazon Web Services (AWS) arm strongly prefers people with a strong technical background.Â

Any employee at Amazon must strive to follow their 16 leadership principles. Cracking the Engineering Manager interview at Amazon will require you to know each of these leadership skills and what they stand for. Amazon believes that leadership is done daily, that you don’t have to have a certain post to be a leader. Anyone who strives to follow their 16 principles is a leader. It’s no surprise, then, that SDM candidates are tested for it.Â

Amazon QA Interview Process

Amazon’s QA interview process is similar to Amazon’s coding interview process. Amazon’s QA interview process comprises the following 5 stages:

Your knowledge of basic data structures (Arrays, Strings, Linked Lists, etc.) is assessed at this stage. To ace this coding interview, you have to be adept at an object-oriented programming language such as Java, Python, or C++.Â

At this stage of the Amazon QA engineer hiring process, you will be evaluated on your ability to plan and execute test strategies in a real-time situation. Experience in software testing is necessary to be successful in this round.Â

Your ability to debug code, among other analytical skills, will be assessed in this round. Although similar to the coding interview, questions asked in this round will be more challenging and will involve algorithmic problems.Â

  • Evaluation of Your Behavioral SkillsÂ
  • Amazon follows a unique method to evaluate candidates’ behavioral skills. Amazon’s behavioral interview is based on Amazon’s 14 Leadership Principles.Â

    In this round, you’ll be asked questions on workplace conduct and discipline, collaboration, leadership, initiative, and inclusion.Â

    The Bar Raiser round is the final stage of the interview process. It is conducted by a member of Amazon’s Bar Raiser team, i.e., a group of employees specially trained to hire only the best talent.Â

    At the Bar Raiser interview, you’ll be asked questions pertaining to:

  • Your prospective role
  • Your past projects and productivity
  • Your potential value contribution to the team
  • Your views on work-life balance and workplace situations
  • Tips to Crack the Amazon QA Engineer Interview

    Given below are some tips to help you ace your next QA engineer interview.

    A strong project portfolio can give you a competitive edge. Create your portfolio using the STAR format, which highlights situations, tasks, actions, and results for each project. This will give interviewers the right context and clarity about projects as you talk about them.Â

  • Prepare Well for the Behavioral Interview
  • Behavioral interviews are a very important part of the Amazon interview process. Amazon’s behavioral interviews differ from behavioral interviews at other FAANG companies. The Bar Raiser round at Amazon focuses primarily on Amazon’s 14 Leadership Principles.

    Make sure you prepare answers to behavioral questions using the STAR format. Appearing unprepared at the behavioral round by answering questions unsatisfactorily can negatively impact your interview results.Â

  • Uplevel Your Problem-Solving and Analytical SkillsÂ
  • Practice as many coding problems as possible before your interview. Try to practice at least 80 problems before your interview. This will help you identify different patterns that you can apply to solve new problems.Â

  • Earmark Adequate Time to Prepare for Your Interview
  • Give yourself a minimum of 8 weeks to prepare for the interview. Inadequate preparation time can cause you to overlook crucial technical concepts, weakening your competitive edge.

    Mock interviews with the right professionals are a great way to polish your interviewing skills and become confident.Â

    At Interview Kickstart, you can practice mocks with instructors who are hiring managers and technical leads at Tier-1 companies, including Amazon.Â

    AMAZON MANAGER Interview Questions And Answers!

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