Amazon Sql Assessment Queries Interview Questions

The Amazon interview process is notoriously challenging, featuring multiple SQL rounds for almost al Data Analyst, Data Science, Data Engineering, and Business Intelligence roles. And while the work-life balance at Amazon isnt to die for, and the Amazon perks lack severely compared to other FAANG companies because Bezos is a notorious cheapskate, heres the silver lining: the compensation IS good at Amazon.

Real good, once you realize how much of your salary comes in Amazon stock, which has appreciated greatly (and will continue to appreciate until Amazon is the only store in the universe).

Thats why its worth your time to practice these 6 real Amazon SQL interview questions so you can Ace the SQL interview and land your dream job at Amazon where youll crush local small business one data-driven insight at a time!

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Amazon Interview Process for Data Engineers

Amazon has an elaborate interview procedure similar to other FAANG companies. However, with increasing seniority of the position, the interview process becomes more stringent and gruesome. The entire Amazon SQL Interview process can be divided into three stages:

Technical Interview

Technical interview questions for Amazon are mostly related to coding, algorithms, and machine learning. You will be assigned 1 or 2 problems to solve within a stipulated amount of time.Â

If you are planning to apply for any of the data science positions or the positions of business analyst, business intelligence engineer, software engineer, software developer, and tech lead, then a technical interview on SQL will be a part of the process.Â

Refer to the Problems page for a list of commonly asked problems and solutions.Â

FAQs on Amazon SQL Interview

1. What are the three stages of the Amazon SQL Interview?

The SQL interviews in Amazon are lengthy and require strenuous efforts. However, the SQL Amazon interview is unavoidable for all data engineers. The interview is divided into three rounds: Preliminary Phone Interview, Technical Interview, The Loop. The loop is the most challenging stage of the interview process that requires preparation and patience.Â

2. Do I need to read Amazon Leadership Principles for the technical interview?

Yes, as behavioral interviews form an integral part of Amazon’s recruitment process. The answer to the behavioral interview questions serves as the key to understanding your personality, social-interaction skills, and teamwork. You can refer to 35 Amazon Leadership Principle Interview Questions and Amazon Behavioral interview questions to prepare for your SQL Amazon interview.

Amazon, one of the most sought-after and renowned FAANG companies, has a spectrum of opportunities to offer. And like any other tech giant, Amazon also receives a huge amount of applications from around the globe. The journey to get past the competition and land a job at Amazon is challenging. So, if you are a software engineer, a software developer, a data engineer, an engineering manager, or a tech lead gunning for a job at Amazon, then this article is for you!

Having trained over 13,500 software engineers, we know what it takes to crack the toughest tech interviews. Since 2014, Interview Kickstart alums have been landing lucrative offers from FAANG and Tier-1 tech companies. The highest ever offer received by an IK alum is a whopping $1.2 Million!

At IK, you get the unique opportunity to learn from expert instructors who are hiring managers and tech leads at Google, Facebook, Apple, and other top Silicon Valley tech companies.

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We are here to make the exhaustive process of preparing for a tech interview or a coding interview easier for you. Before we dive into the process, remember this: preparation is the key to success.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • Amazon interview process for data engineers
  • Most commonly asked Amazon interview questions on SQL
  • Practice problems for Amazon SQL interviews
  • Tips to prepare for SQL interview for Amazon
  • FAQs on Amazon SQL interviews
  • SQL Interview Questions and answers Part 2 | Amazon SQL Interview Question And Answer Part-1

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