Amazon Strategic Account Manager Interview Questions

Strategic accounts managers develop and implement client relationship strategies to manage key business accounts. They communicate with key clients on a regular basis, generate new business leads, and liaise between clients and internal departments to ensure that clients are satisfied with their products and services.

When interviewing strategic accounts managers, look for candidates who exhibit a strong customer-centered approach and the ability to effectively resolve service delivery concerns. Avoid candidates with limited knowledge of CRM software and those who lack sales experience in a related industry.Special Offer

17 Technical questions (primarily technical account managers)

Right, now that we’ve gone through each of the 16 leadership principles, here is the last question type: technical questions.

If youre applying to be a technical account manager, then youll also want to be prepared to answer questions that are more technically in-depth than the questions youd face as an account manager.

Fundamentally, account management is about solving client problems and helping them grow. And technical account managers tend to do more technical problem solving.

Below, weve compiled a list of example technical questions that you can practice with. To fill out your preparation, we’ve included a couple questions from Google technical account manager interviews.

Example Amazon account manager interview questions: Technical

  • How do you track conversions?
  • What was the deepest analysis (e.g. numerical, using excel and databases, etc.) you made in your previous role and how did you do it?
  • What data structure would you use to represent a scenario where a person has friends and each friend has friends? (Google TAM question)
  • How can you efficiently transfer a large number of files from a Unix server to another one? (Google TAM question)
  • How Do You Build Good Client Relationships?

    Clients often stay with a company because they have a long, trusting relationship with their account manager. It’s still business, but these relationships have an element of personal connection to them, and knowing that an account manager will deliver quality service keeps clients with the company longer. Hiring managers will want to see you know how to establish these relationships.

    These sample Strategic Account Manager interview questions evaluate account management skills and help you hire the best candidates to build relationships with key clients.

    During your hiring process, ask the following interview questions to identify candidates who are target-oriented and possess excellent customer service skills. Dynamic personalities who actively seek out new sales opportunities will stand out. Make sure candidates understand your brand and your client needs and are able to suggest creative ideas to drive growth.

    Can you describe a time when your intervention led to key client retention?

    Demonstrates the candidates knowledge and experience in identifying clients concerns and their ability to find effective solutions to client relationship management issues.

    10 Frugality questions

    Frugality: “Accomplish more with less. Constraints breed resourcefulness, self-sufficiency, and invention. There are no extra points for growing headcount, budget size, or fixed expense.”

    Amazon strives to provide customers with as much value possible for as little cost as possible. Interviewers will be looking for how you can support this idea while maintaining consistent relationships with your clients.

    Example Amazon account manager interview questions: Frugality

  • Tell me about a time where you thought of a clever new way to save money for the company
  • Example questions

    To help you prepare strategically for your interviews, we have used Glassdoor data to identify the types of questions that are asked in Amazon account manager interviews.

    Much more than other tech companies like Google or Facebook, Amazon focuses heavily on behavioral questions during their interviews. This is no exception for Amazon account managers, so we have grouped the practice questions below by which principle they represent. For technical account managers, we have included a section dedicated to additional technical questions that you may encounter.

    These are all real Amazon account manager interview questions that were reported on Glassdoor. Note that weve made edits to the language in some places for clarity, grammar, or translation.

    Interview: Amazon Sr. Account Manager (Retail, Strategic Account Services)

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