Amd Physical Design Interview Questions

Which methods to reduce circuit delays are often overlooked?

Reveals the candidates practical knowledge and experience, as well as their ability to optimize circuit performance.

The interview process for a design engineer at AMD can take up to two months. Stage 1: Phone screen with HR Stage 2: Technical phone interview This phone screen is about 1 hr and includes questions about basic architecture, systems, and OS level and programming. Stage 3: Onsite interview The onsite interviews are more intense – generally 5 or 6 technical one hour interviews with engineers and managers of all levels. Questions are mostly related to computer architecture and C/C++ programming, design questions, and basic operating system concept.

We support those core beliefs through: Achievement: We plan and play to win in all we do, every time. Every day matters. Accountability We build trust by honoring our commitments. Alignment: We work as one AMD to debate, decide, embrace and execute. Agility: We continuously learn and improve in all aspects of our business Company Hiring Categories Company Revenue Featured More Top Company Guides

At AMD, our mission is simple: to become the recognized leader in powering the life-changing products and experiences that allow users to create, consume, and share seamlessly across billions of immersive devices.

The interview process for a software engineer at AMD takes 2-4 weeks on average. Stage 1: Phone screen with HR Stage 2: Technical phone interview Stage 3: Onsite interview Interview Interview Questions

The interview process for a software engineer at AMD takes 2-4 weeks on average. Stage 1: Phone screen with HR Stage 2: Technical phone interview For the technical round the candidate is asked to write a code via collabedit to solve some algorithm problems in C. Some candidates have received offers with phone interviews only. Stage 3: Onsite interview The onsite interview consists of several 45 minute – 1h white board/technical sessions. There is an hour lunch in between. Questions range from C++ to graphics and everything in between. Interviewers can be hiring managers or senior engineers. The senior engineers focus mostly in technical questions and the manager in behavioral questions. In another version, the onsite interview is the technical interview and is followed by phone interview, mainly with behavioral questions.

Code: EXIM4Y062021PD Experience level : 3 years Brief Introduction and major projects? Tell me the most challenging part of your recent project How does the lockup latch help to fix hold violations? If we add a lockup latch, it might violate the setup? How will we fix it further? How did you fix SigEM? What … Read more

Code: MDTK3Y062019PDSYN Formal Introduction Whats are the projects you have done related to synthesis and Physical Design? Have you gone through Physical Design flow? What is synthesis? Whats are the inputs required for synthesis? What does constraint files contain? What is a multicycle path? What is a false path? Why do we perform STA? … Read more

Code: CDN4Y072021PD Experience level: 4 Year Profile: Physical Design Engineer 1. Introduction and physical design experience 2. What major differences have you observed in the 7nm and 14nm process nodes? 3. What is the functionality of this circuit? (He drawn schematic in paint) 4. Do you think, is there any issue with the above circuit? … Read more

Code: CYPR2Y102020PD Introduction and Experiences Self Introduction Explain about the projects that you have worked on. (Type of work and tools used) Synthesis Explain about Synthesis flow and what happens at each stage. (Inputs required, elaboration, generic stage, mapping and optimization stages) Explain about Synthesis Inputs. Differentiate between Logical and Physical Synthesis. (QoR impact between … Read more

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