Amdocs Mainframe Interview Questions

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Round duration – 50 minutes Round difficulty – Medium

Yes consist of two code and questions MCQ of ds ,algo,Linz,shell,English and DBMS Test happens with your webcam access.

  • Q1. Nth Fibonacci Number Nth term of Fibonacci series F(n), where F(n) is a function, is calculated using the following formula – F(n) = F(n-1) + F(n-2), Where,read more View Answers (3)
  • Round duration – 40 minutes Round difficulty – Hard

    Late night around at 8 pm Environmental is positive. Interviewer made me feel positive

  • Q1. Implement a priority queue Ninja is given a task to implement a priority queue using Heap data structure. The Ninja is busying preparing for the more View Answers (1)
  • Q2. Puzzle3 bulbs are there you have to find the correct switch for those bulbs If bulbs are outside the room and switch are inside the room Add Answer
  • Round duration – 10 Minutes Round difficulty – Easy

    Morning time Positive environment Nice interviewer

  • Q1. Basic HR QuestionsHow do you work under pressure?Are you willing to relocate or travel? What do you know about us or our company? View Answers (1)
  • There are a number of fields for aspirants of Amdocs, such as corporate functions, business, sales, account management, IT operations, project management and product management, and R & D engineering. There are also options to work from home, as well as opportunities for fresh graduates.

    Since you are on the lookout for a job with Amdocs, it is advised for you to join online job portals and professional networking sites. These are great sources to connect with the latest available jobs and with professionals from the industry for possible referrals. You could also put a word to close friends and family who either work with Amdocs or know someone who does. Employee referrals are very efficient sources for an opportunity these days. Lastly, keep a regular check on the career section of Amdocs’ official website, for an opportunity that suits you.

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    Get some ideas on how to answer the most commonly-asked interview questions here: How to Answer 10 Most Common Interview Questions

    Besides technical interview questions, you may be asked various non-technical or HR questions. Some of these questions are given below.

    How is Ansible different from Puppet?

    Ansible Puppet
    Easy agentless installation Agent-based installation
    Based on Python Based on Ruby
    Configuration files are written in YAML Configuration files are written in DSL
    No support for Windows Support for all popular OSs

    We will now look at some DevOps interview questions on contanerization.

    3 What is Git bisect? How can you use it to determine the source of a (regression) bug?

    Git bisect is a tool that uses binary search to locate the commit that triggered a bug.

    The git bisect command is used in finding the bug performing commit in the project by using a binary search algorithm.

    The bug occurring commit is called the “bad” commit, and the commit before the bug occurring one is called the “good” commit. We convey the same to the git bisect tool, and it picks a random commit between the two endpoints and prompts whether that one is the “good” or “bad” one. The process continues uptil the range is narrowed down and the exact commit that introduced the exact change is discovered.

    Mainframe Interview Questions and Answers – JCL, COBOL, CICS, and DB2 Interview Question and Answers

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