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Bank of America is a multinational investment bank and financial services holding company based in the United States. The headquarters of Bank of America is located in North California. It is one of the major banking corporations in the United States. So, if youve been offered an interview, congratulations, but now its time to get ready. It can be difficult to crack the BOA interview round, but with a little bit of practice, you can ace the interview.Â

Here is the list of frequently asked questions. Apart from the Bank of America interview questions, there are some frequently asked general interview questions.Â

What are the Most Common Commercial Banking Interview Questions?

We’ve asked countless commercial banking account managers, relationship managers, and credit analysts what the most common commercial banking interview questions are. Based on their responses and feedback, we’ve laid out the most likely questions to be asked in an interview with a hiring manager.

We’ve organized the interview questions into two categories:

  • Technical (finance and accounting)
  • Behavioral (personality and relationships)
  • In this guide, we’ve also provided what we believe are the best answers to these commercial banking interview questions. For other careers, please check out all our interview guides.

    One of the hallmarks of Amegys unique culture is a commitment to creating an environment that fosters personal growth and mobility within the bank. And like Adam and many employees have found, when you demonstrate initiative, maintain a strong work ethic and a have positive attitude, it wont be long before you garner the support you need to achieve your next career move.

    “You have to really understand the goals of the organization and where you can make a difference, especially in terms of bringing in new business and retaining existing clients,” Adam said. “We have to remember that we are one team with the common purpose of doing what is right by the customer, and sometimes, this may include duties that fall outside the normal scope of your current role.”

    In contemplating his next move, Adam approached his manager at the time for guidance. They discussed the options available to him, and his manager provided him with a recommendation as an Investment Sales Assistant. Although Adam ended up not going that route, he valued the conversation with his manager. His manager was candid, supportive and encouraging and helped him put things in perspective. As Adam continued to think about about his next move, one day he ran into EVP & Commercial Lending Manager Terry Morales in the elevator. He had worked with Terry when he was a personal banker, and during their conversation on the elevator ride, Terry mentioned that the Commercial Lending team was looking for a client relationship associate (CRA).

    Client relationship associate Adam Parnpichate graduated from Keene State College in New Hampshire in 2002 with a B.S. in Business Management with a minor in Applied Computer Science. He moved to Houston right after graduation but hadnt really decided what field he wanted to build a career in. It wasnt until several years later that he chose to start a career in banking after stumbling into it through a friend who worked as a banking center manager at one of the national banks.

    Eager to join the Commercial Lending team, Adam began the interview process for the CRA role and got the job. Moving into a role in unfamiliar territory was not without its challenges. Adam not only had to understand the workings and dynamics of his new department, but also had to establish himself as a capable team member.

    How would you evaluate your communication skills?

    The interviewer wants to know how you evaluate your ability to communicate. So, on a scale of 1 to 10, tell them how skilled you are. Avoid giving yourself a perfect score; nobody is perfect, and you dont want to be arrogant. Alternatively, dont give yourself too much credit. You dont want to think that youre a communication failure! Try to stay in the neutral range while remaining truthful and accurate. To support your answer, give an example of your good communication.

    BANKING Interview Questions And Answers! How To Pass A Retail Bank Interview!

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