American Express Analytics Manager Interview Questions

“What frustrates you the most (or really gets you mad)?”

It can be easy for people to do their best when things go well, but how are they when things inevitably get frustrating?

What to look for in an answer: How they channel their frustration toward something positive, especially in a team environment.

“What is your most significant career accomplishment?”

This can be a challenging question, because it requires people to narrow it down to one thing. Others dont like to brag about their achievements.

What to look for in an answer: Don’t settle for an answer like “Ive done a lot of great things in my career.” Try to get them to narrow it down to one. Look for their level of ownership, pride and what they value. Compare to see if this matches the company’s culture.

Interviews: Technical and HR

The interviewers will put you to the test on your technical competence. After that, there will be a semi-technical one, while the last session is HR which consists of general questions on many subjects and current events.

How would you handle an employee that was producing sub-standard work?

Tests interpersonal skills and the ability to offer guidance and support.

Who has been a source of motivation for you?

You must mention one person who has impacted your life. Parents, leaders, and celebrities are all plausible examples. Youll need to describe why theyre your role model and how theyve influenced your life.

Sample answer:

I get ideas from a large number of people and things. My grandmother, without a doubt, has been the most influential person in my life. She likes everyone and has always had a smiling face, no matter how hard she worked. She was well-liked and was known for always giving more of it than she received.

What are the Latest Industry Trends?

Another batch of questions Cui faced during the hiring manager interview covered the latest trends in advertising measurement, some of the new approaches she was aware of, what new approaches she was trying and why.

“I was very lucky that I am constantly attending conferences and looking at articles, so I was able to have an answer for him,” Cui said. “I understand it’s important to always be researching your role. It shows you have an interest in what you’re doing.”

More on Career DevelopmentHow to Build a Career in Responsible Tech

Bharariya, the vice president of digital products and CX analytics, also asked specific technical questions about Cui’s resume and projects. For instance, if Cui wanted to measure the results of a media campaign, what model would she use? What kind of data would it require? What would she need to build the model?

How would you describe your managerial style?

Whatever the case may be, try to stay away from particular categories. Most organizations prefer managers that can adapt their talents to diverse conditions.

Sample answer:

 Im always trying to push myself out of my comfort zone, and I enjoy encouraging my staff to do the same. They are typically capable of overcoming many difficult challenges, so I use my creative management style to assist them in completing this difficult work when necessary.

What is the purpose of the post-increment operator?

After utilizing a variable in an expression, the post-increment operator is used to increase its value. The value is used within the expression and then incremented by one in the post-increment. If the statement is a = b++, and b is initially holding 5, a will likewise be holding 5

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