American Express Cognitive Interview Questions And Answers

What is your go-to method for resolving conflicts? Could you give me an example?

To properly respond to this question, demonstrate to the interviewer that you are a good listener who can accept conflicting viewpoints without offending. You could also stress the importance of resolving conflicts in a private setting. If you want a good American express interview experience, then present an example.

Sample answer:

I was a project manager on an IT project, and one of the technicians was always late with his job. When I asked him a question, he became defensive. I kept my cool and told him that the deadlines were difficult, and I asked how I could help him improve his performance. He calmed himself and said that he was also working on other projects and had to accomplish things that were not part of his job description. Our team had a meeting, and we reached an agreement that reduced the technicians work. The technician did an excellent job on the rest of the project.

How do you discover the point where two linked lists of differing lengths merge?

A straightforward method is to look at each node in the first list and see if it can be accessed from the second. The intersection point is the first node in the first list that can be reached from the second list.Â

Round 1 — Online Coding Assessment

This round was very different from the usual coding assessment rounds that we have. The twist is that the coding problems were taken from the real life scenarios that most of the credit card companies usually face and the risk mitigation involved. We were given a raw input data for all the questions which was to be pre-processed before jumping on to your logic. Basically, the coding round was more like a hackathon, where the given problem statements judged your real-life problem solving skills. There were a total of five coding questions with medium-hard difficulty.

This round went pretty well for me and I got shortlisted for the interviews with American Express.

It was a completely technical round where I was asked two coding questions based on maps and comparator functions. I was also asked questions related to Python as I had it mentioned in my resume. The interviewer checked my knowledge of CS Fundamentals in depth. He asked me questions on topics such as ACID properties, IPv4 vs IPv6 and paging in OS. I was also asked to write several SQL queries for the given problem statements. The interviewer then moved on to discussing my projects that I had mentioned in my resume. In the end, he wanted to see if I have read about American Express and the kind of work it does.

Point to note — Be prepared for everything that you have mentioned in your resume. American Express focuses on your resume minutely. You will be checked thoroughly on your resume. Additionally, you must be prepared to answer some basic HR questions on American Express as a firm.

How would you describe your managerial style?

Whatever the case may be, try to stay away from particular categories. Most organizations prefer managers that can adapt their talents to diverse conditions.

Sample answer:

 Im always trying to push myself out of my comfort zone, and I enjoy encouraging my staff to do the same. They are typically capable of overcoming many difficult challenges, so I use my creative management style to assist them in completing this difficult work when necessary.

American Express Interview Questions with Answer Examples

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