American Express Technical Project Manager Interview Questions

American Express Project Manager Interview Questions & Answers

Choose one of our practice interviews to help you better prepare for your upcoming interview

Choose one of our practice interviews to help you better prepare for your upcoming interview

The purpose of this page is to help you prepare for your job interview. We do this by creating interview questions that we think you might be asked. We hire professional interviewers (people with multiple years of experience interviewing candidates) to help us create our interview questions and write answer examples. We do not have advertisements on our pages but we do try to make money through paid-memberships.

Interviews: Technical and HR

The interviewers will put you to the test on your technical competence. After that, there will be a semi-technical one, while the last session is HR which consists of general questions on many subjects and current events.

What are the Latest Industry Trends?

Another batch of questions Cui faced during the hiring manager interview covered the latest trends in advertising measurement, some of the new approaches she was aware of, what new approaches she was trying and why.

“I was very lucky that I am constantly attending conferences and looking at articles, so I was able to have an answer for him,” Cui said. “I understand it’s important to always be researching your role. It shows you have an interest in what you’re doing.”

More on Career DevelopmentHow to Build a Career in Responsible Tech

Bharariya, the vice president of digital products and CX analytics, also asked specific technical questions about Cui’s resume and projects. For instance, if Cui wanted to measure the results of a media campaign, what model would she use? What kind of data would it require? What would she need to build the model?

What is your go-to method for resolving conflicts? Could you give me an example?

To properly respond to this question, demonstrate to the interviewer that you are a good listener who can accept conflicting viewpoints without offending. You could also stress the importance of resolving conflicts in a private setting. If you want a good American express interview experience, then present an example.

Sample answer:

I was a project manager on an IT project, and one of the technicians was always late with his job. When I asked him a question, he became defensive. I kept my cool and told him that the deadlines were difficult, and I asked how I could help him improve his performance. He calmed himself and said that he was also working on other projects and had to accomplish things that were not part of his job description. Our team had a meeting, and we reached an agreement that reduced the technicians work. The technician did an excellent job on the rest of the project.

What would you say to an underperforming employee?

The interviewer is interested in learning about your leadership style. A single employees bad performance can have a detrimental impact on the rest of the team, but how you manage the situation can exacerbate the problem.

Sample answer:

The first thing Ill look into is if the underperformance was something I discovered myself or something brought to my attention by someone else. Id check to see if the underperformance is limited to a few projects or is widespread. Ill gather some facts, and if I have to intervene, Ill first offer the employee an opportunity to explain why hes underperforming.

Id tell him what I saw and offer him the chance to determine whether the problem was recurring or self-correcting. Ill also inquire if hes having any problems and how I can assist him.

TECHNICAL PROJECT MANAGER Interview Questions & Answers!

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