Amobee Software Engineer Interview Questions

Normalized Amobee Software Engineer SalariesBase salaryTotal compensation

The average base salary for Software Engineer at Amobee is in the top 53% compared to all other companies salaries.

The average base salary for Software Engineer at Amobee is $119,438 while the average Software Engineer base salary is $134,581.

If we normalize the salaries at Amobee by the cost of living, then the average base salary for Software Engineer at Amobee is in the top 36% compared to all other companies .

If we normalize the salaries at Amobee by the years of experience, then the average base salary for Software Engineer at Amobee is in the top 42% compared to all other companies .

Amobee Software Engineer Salary by Seniority LevelsBase salaryTotal compensation

Most data science positions fall under different position titles depending on the actual role.

From the graph we can see that on average the Research Scientist role pays the most with a $162,005 base salary while the Software Engineer role on average pays the least with a $119,438 base salary.

Throughout my career as an engineer, Amobee has shown commitment to supporting the advancement of women in technology and engineering. This serves as a constant inspiration to me. It has helped me to see the value in not only doing things right, but also doing the right thing. Treating all people, regardless of immutable characteristics, with respect and kindness has been the cornerstone of Amobee’s success in the industry.

As I progress further into my career, empowering women in technology and engineering will continue to be a priority for me. I believe in the power of lifting other women up, and it’s something that I believe can truly make a difference not only in Silicon Valley, but in the world.

As one of the first engineers on the team, it was clear from the start that the role was a perfect fit. My position offered the perfect opportunity to pursue my passion of solving technical challenges while learning some of the most advanced technologies to build Amobee’s world-class digital advertising platform.

Hiring at Amobee is a fair and unbiased process. When we screen candidates, a process I’m proud to take an active role in, those with potential are hired, leaving no talent on the sidelines regardless of the major challenges due to bias in the technology industry. Promotions within the organization are based on merit and an employee’s ability to execute, so every employee is passionate and gives their all in everything they do.

My current role in technical solutions is a hybrid between technical skills (read, solve, and code challenges) and the interface of client relationships. Due to the nature of my position, I’ve developed product expertise and leadership skills by being challenged to translate technical problems into simple, understandable terms for our clients and partners. At Amobee, engineers have a customer-centric mindset and focus on building out features that add the most value to the customer.


  • Observe and shadow other team members
  • Follow our teams documented coding standards and practices.
  • Implement functional code to accomplish user-stories.
  • Apply unit-testing practices to provide proper automatic code coverage and testing
  • Utilize our ticketing system to receive and track assignments.
  • Follow our source-control and code-review workflow to branch, implement and submit review requests for changes.
  • Communicate status to the sponsor, especially when blocked or idle.
  • Participate in the code-review process.
  • Participate in the project scrum methodology and process.
  • Spend time learning relevant skills through sponsor directed reading, coding, and review assignments.

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