Amts Ic Design Maxim Integrated Interview Questions

Programmer Analyst 1 in Bangalore

I joined Maxim as a fresher and I could definitely say that I was very lucky enough to have joined a company such as Maxim at the start of my career. The environment was very welcoming from day 1 and compared to some of my other friends I found it a very seamless transition from a student to an employee of such a reputed company. Now, when I say so I do not mean to undermine the work environment saying that it was very easy-going. Obviously, you cant be negligent towards your work. But the support from seniors and Management team never made me feel that it was under any kind of work pressure. Im glad I joined Maxim at such a delicate point in my career which was a really positive and productive experience for me….Read More

I am part of the B2B IT team that oversees the integration of data within and outside of Maxim.

Work days: Monday to Friday (Flexible Timings )

Work related travel: This is a desk job.

Maxim Integrated Bengaluru/Bangalore Reviews based on designations 3.5

UV developer I Interview Questions

  • Q1. Starts with brief intro including your total experience and about different projects that you have worked upon and different technology stacks that you are read more View Answers (1)
  • Q2. Explain about the current project and work flow. How you start your day at work that is all the activities related to work on daily basis? Add Answer
  • Q3. How do you get assignments who assigns and how do you approach to resolve? They also ask about the software cycle you have worked in eg. Waterfall and agileread more Add Answer
  • Q4. Explain any recent activity/task/assignment that you have performed in project , what was the requirements/issues and how did you resolve? Any interesting/ read more Add Answer
  • Q5. How do you rate your self on the specific technology in the range of 1 to 5 ( assuming 1 is worst and 5 is best) ? How do you rate your communication (in raread more Add Answer
  • Q6. How do you debug ? Alternative way of debugging. Add Answer
  • Q7. They ask about all the important functions and difference between specific functions. They put the scenarios to you so that you can tell them what the conceread more Add Answer
  • Q8. What softwares/tools/ and versions do you use? How do you make cide changes and test and deploy it? How do you interact/collaborate with QA? Add Answer
  • amts ic design maxim integrated interview questions

    Senior Engineer in Bangalore

    Flexible Work Hours, which is again used against the employee, making the employee to attend late night calls almost every day.

    Managers are so keen in developing their fame than the career value addition of the engineer. I hardly saw few managers are professional and sensible, Managers are most often assigned roles which they are not capable enough to handle, Execution of a project from a single location or two is needed for effective and efficient completion, Instead a single project is executed by engineers across the Globe (a minimum of 3 to 5 time zones), which is extremely painful and inefficient….Read More

    Work days: Monday to Friday (Flexible Timings )

    Work related travel: This is a desk job.

    Working in my core domain, while being in semiconductor industry. Management depends on BU to BU. In I&H, there is a lot of work pressure and no work-life balance. Company policies are average.

    Local senior manager should learn to accept diversity. Not everyone thinks in the same way. I&H management encourages, workaholic culture. No work life balance. At times, they move based on individual feelings. No work from home option is available except during pandemic.

    Work days: Monday to Friday (Flexible Timings )

    Work related travel: This is a desk job.

    The Technical abilities of the employees in Maxim is excellent. Thrive for invention makes the products best in the market. I get to travel abroad for trainings. The management is successful in communicating to the top level decisions to employees.

    The work life balance in not very appreciable.

    Work days: Monday to Friday (Flexible Timings )

    Work related travel: This job involves Travel Within Country, International Travel.

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