Anaesthetics Ct1 Interview Questions


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The Anaesthetic Interview Online Question Bank features over 250 anaesthetic interview questions for you to practise. The interface is fully responsive meaning you can practise questions on your phone at work or home computer. All questions feature explanations and frameworks to help you structure your answers and understand what is expected at interview.

Please be aware that the timings referred to in the video are not current – Anaesthetists in Training should refer to the ANRO website for the current recruitment timeline and dates.

The Royal College of Anaesthetists has produced a video presentation offering useful advice on how to prepare for the Anaesthetics CT1 & ACCS (Anaesthetics) Interview. Dr Gabrielle McGrath an anaesthetic CT1 at University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust gives a brief overview of the interview structure, interview scoring, examples of possible questions and tips to improve performance. The College strongly advises anyone preparing for the Anaesthetics CT1 & ACCS (Anaesthetics) interview to take a look.

Those viewing the video should also note that at the time this presentation was created it was not clear whether there would be two or three interviewers – The College understands that it is highly likely there will be two interviewers only.

Hear from our successful candidatesI found ST Interview really helpful and by far such a valuable resource for the price paid. I believe at least 90% of the questions asked in the General Section came from the ST Interview question bank. The best interview course available. Excellent practice over many weeks with invaluable feedback. Would 100% recommend. Practicing repeatedly for weeks in advance, being able to interview other people. Such useful feedback on common questions and really useful advice for structure. The best interview course out there, Jane was amazing! Workshops, and the opportunity to practice with anaesthetic trainees. Questionbank of stations were really helpful, especially when it is split under each domain clearly, which further helps candidates familiarise themselves with the individual domains. Very structured. Highly recommend for any future trainees planning to apply to CT1 Anaesthetics, this is very good for value! Make sure you attend all the workshops as well. All of these for £99 is a steal Took one course on a previous round for twice the price of ST Interview (but ST interview questions are more focused)

anaesthetics ct1 interview questions

  • 6/12 – Workshop (Free)
  • 3/1 Workshop
  • 6/1 Workshop
  • 17/1 Mock Interview
  • 27/1 Mock Interview
  • 31/1 Mock Intervew
  • 6/2 (TBC) Mock Interview
  • Interviews are one of the most stressful parts of the application process. You can reduce this stress and improve your performance by spending some time preparing yourself. The range of questions you get asked can vary greatly between interview panels, however, most will ask a mix of general questions (e.g. what are your strengths/weaknesses), specific questions and clinical or ethical scenarios.

    A good starting point for preparation is to reflect on your life to date, particularly focusing on your experiences in the workplace as a doctor. Try to recall examples of situations that are commonly asked about, such as difficult interactions with colleagues, so that you’re ready to recount them if asked. Don’t rehearse them too much though as you want it to come across as a natural discussion and not overly scripted.

    How to Prepare for an Anaesthetics CT1 & ACCS (Anaesthetics) Interview.

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