Anakage Technologies Interview Questions

Anakage is uniquely positioned as a one stop shop for all End User Support needs with the USP of blending in Automation with In-Application user guidance (Cobotic guidance as we call it) swinging up Self-Service where automation fails to address end user issues. Automation is talk of the town. But it has its own limitations. You cannot automate things which need human intelligence, decision and intuition. We extend the reach of automation by involving humans.

Rajeev has worked with Adobe and Geometric Software developing world class products from India with patent under his belt. Rajeev brings in tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom in product development and team building.

Getting right set of people, having system and processes in place for next round of scale up and supporting our clients and partners is our focus now. Creating an organization structure that continues to innovate and correct with agility any discovered imperfections in technology and processes will ensure Anakage has a sustainable growth over the decades to come.

Anakage improves user productivity leveraging one or more components from its End User Support platform, be it In-Application intelligent Self Service, Self-Healing, or RPA. The pricing is modular to ensure client only pays for the components that generate value in terms of user delight and reduced support costs. In the domain of End User Support, Anakage is a category creator by lift shift of a Physical Service Desk model to a Bot augmented platform empowering users to self-resolve issues without Service Desk engineer’s intervention. While Chatbots are a great aid for process guidance, Anakage Cobots are great when users actually need a Technical fix or need guidance inside live applications both at navigation and data/configuration level.

In the view of the above mentioned, it is indeed a pleasure to introduce Anakage Technologies Private Ltd., a company, that offers a unique End User Support Automation platform for IT Service Desk combining automation and human intervention to reduce tickets at source.

Anakage is changing the way users interact with any software product. Anakage increases ROI from your ERP investements.

Anakage with its first of a kind in world technology helps in complete lifecycle of a software product – starting from training, on the job assists and support. Similar Jobs Software Engineer jobs in For a Client of Teamlease Digital at Ahmedabad, Gurgaon, Bangalore For a Client of Teamlease Digital

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  • anakage technologies interview questions

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  • anakage technologies interview questions

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  • anakage technologies interview questions

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