Analog Hardware Interview Questions

2) How the integration of a lot of electronic components is possible on a small plate?

In this present scenario, this is generally done with the help of a technology known as VLSI which stands for very large-scale integration. It actually aims to cut down the size of different devices into smaller ones. The continuous reduction in the size of electronic gadgets such as computers has become possible with the help of this approach.

20) What do you mean by the terms SMPS? What is its role in ensuring the smooth functioning of electronic hardware?

It stands for Switch mode power supply and is basically an electronic power supply that is responsible for distributing the electrical power efficiently among the sub-components of hardware. Any change in power can diversely affect the functionality of hardware and can even damage the same. Therefore, it’s necessary to use SMPS with most electronic gadgets.

25) What is soldering and De-soldering in hardware design?

Any hardware is a combination of various small components that need to be integrated with each other. Soldering is a procedure that is used to connect one component with another manually with the help of a soldering gun. This approach is considered when some customization is required in hardware. On the other side removing these components from each other or from the PCB i.e. Printed circuit board where they are fabricated is known as De-soldering.

Top 10 Frequently Asked Hardware Design Development Interview Questions

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24) What are the major factors that are included in the design analysis of any hardware?

1. Data flow graphs 2. Design analysis 3. Considering new requirements 4. Problem formulation 5. Mentioning specifications

17) What exactly do you mean by machine language?

Any form of hardware has to communicate with the software as most of the devices are a combination of the same. Machine language is nothing but an approach through which software and hardware communicate with each other. The commands given by the users to the device are converted into machine language so the device can understand the instruction. Generally, information is processed in the form of O’s and 1’s.

12) What exactly do you know about a microprocessor?

The microprocessor is amazing electronic hardware equipment that can be defined as an integrated circuit having all the functions of a CPU of a computer. With respect to the increase in development and demand for smart devices, microprocessors have wide applications in almost every such device. Actually, they act as the brain of any smart device in the present scenario.

21) What are the major design and development factors that are responsible for the success of any hardware in the present time?

Well, the fact is the demand of people or users are frequently changing. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to some important factors to keep up the pace when it comes to developing or designing any hardware that works reliably. A few of them are:

1. Safety 2. Accuracy 3. Response time 4. Bandwidth 5. Testability 6. Size and Weight 7. Mean time between failure 8. Prototype time

22) What do you mean by NRE? How does it matter?

NRE stands for the Nonrecurring Engineering Cost. In other words, it can be defined as the cost which is basically associated with the one-time cost to design and to develop any hardware. It largely matters because most of the time this cost is high and organizations cannot always make sure of returns on it.

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