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If youre looking for Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced or Freshers, you are at the right place. There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to the research Business Analysts salary ranges from $26,000 to $155,000.

So, You still have the opportunity to move ahead in your career in Business Analytics. Mindmajix offers Advanced Business Analyst Interview Questions 2022 that help you in cracking your interview & acquire a dream career as Business Analyst Developer.

In your opinion, what is the role of a business analyst?

With this query, a hiring manager is trying to make sure you understand what a business analyst does, particularly if you haven’t held the position before. They also want to know how you’d approach the job, to ensure it fits with the company’s needs and their vision for the role. To prepare for this question, review the position description in the job ad, and craft an answer that spotlights the duties and responsibilities listed in the ad.

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Let’s look at a brief comparison of Business Analysts vs Data Analysts. Data Analyst Business Analyst
1 The role requires more problem-solving skills and data analysis skills It requires more decision-making and data visualization skills
2 It is more of an operational role in the organization. It is more of a strategic role in the organization.
3 It requires knowledge of statistics, SQL, data mining, etc. Knowledge of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Analytics, etc. is required for this role.

Learn more about the differences between Data Analyst and Business Analyst from our blog.

2 What according to you are the basic needs of a Business Analyst to accomplish his/her task

A Business Analyst can have some basic requirements and they can be:

  • Availability of the case scenario
  • Access to logical data models
  • Data flow diagrams of the problems
  • Reports
  • Work Instructions
  • 34) What are the key areas in a Kano Analysis?

    Kano Analysis has three key areas -namely: Unexpected Delighters, Performance Attributes, and Must-Have Attributes.

    The pair-Choice Technique is used to give priority to various items in a process. It is mainly used when distinctive stakeholders are involved in the project. This technique asks the group to compare each item with others and select the one having the highest priority.

    1 List various components of strategy analysis.

    To develop a strategic plan for an organization, the key components are:

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Objectives
  • Strategies
  • Action plan
  • 5 What are the generic functions for extracting model information in R?

    The value of lm() is a fitted model object; technically a list of results of class “lm”. Information about the fitted model can then be displayed, extracted, plotted, and so on by using generic functions that orient themselves to objects of class “lm”. These include

    ANOVA() function compare a submodel with an outer model and produce an analysis of variance table.

    coefficient() function extract the regression coefficient (matrix).

    Long form: coefficients(object).

    deviance() function finds the residual sum of squares, weighted if appropriate.

    R Interview Questions For Data Analyst

    formula() function extract the model formula.

    Produce four plots, showing residuals, fitted values, and some diagnostics.

    predict() function – The data frame supplied must have variables specified with the same labels as the original. The value is a vector or matrix of predicted values corresponding to the determining variable values in data. frame.

    print() function print a concise version of the object. Most often used implicitly.

    residuals() function extract the (matrix of) residuals, weighted as appropriate.

    Short form: resid(object).

    step() function select a suitable model by adding or dropping terms and preserving hierarchies. The model with the smallest value of AIC (Akaike’s An Information Criterion) discovered in the stepwise search is returned.

    summary() function prints a comprehensive summary of the results of the regression analysis.

    vcov() returns the variance-covariance matrix of the main parameters of a fitted model object.

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