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Anaplan is continuously looking for new talent, from interns to senior leaders. Regardless of your experience level, being considered for a new position can be a daunting process; every company is different, with different methods of evaluating potential new employees. If youve applied and are starting to prepare for that interview with Anaplan—the first in what could be a series of conversations—you likely have questions. What can you expect? What are we looking for in a candidate? What will the total candidate process entail?

Openness is one of Anaplans core values, so we sat down with Pete Lawson, Anaplans Director of Recruiting, to see if we could get answers to some of the questions. Whether youre considering applying at Anaplan, are waiting for that first call, or are halfway through the process, we hope this sets you up for success along the way.

2 Explain the amount of availability and reliability Anaplan possess

Anaplan is one of those business-centered platforms which in recent years have invested heavily in the modes of availability and reliability. It possesses trustable data centers that are always ready to provide you with necessary backups. It is also one of those platforms which provide your business with a constant uptime feature. In this manner, you can keep your plans and data safe over a longer period of time. Furthermore, its file recovery system complies with all the latest standards which keep it far ahead of its competitors.

Who are the major Anaplan Customers?

  • Tableau
  • VMWare
  • Intel
  • BOX
  • HP
  • Tata Steel
  • Motorola
  • 2 Shed light on the aspect of partnership workflow with respect to Anaplan

    Anaplan possesses the feature of partnership workflow in which it can facilitate the allocation of top and bottom targets. It can also consolidate various roll-ups from the field. The partnership workflow in Anaplan makes sure that all the changes made to a model are easily tracked. It also has an audit trail mechanism that would help the user to keep a tab on the alterations.

    What Are The Features Of Anaplan?

  • Cloud-Based Platform
  • Scalable Modeling
  • Apps catalog
  • In-Memory Engine
  • Graphical Data Presentation
  • Time Saver
  • Easy of Use
  • Intuitive modeling interface
  • If you would like to become an Anaplan certified professional, “Anaplan Training”.This course will help you to achieve excellence in this domain.
    Features Anaplan Adaptive Insights
    Platforms Supported Web Based Web Based
    Small Business Customers Yes No
    Free Trial No Yes
    Salesforce Sales Cloud No Yes
    Infrastructure Robust Unified
    Available Languages English, Germany, Japan, France, Russia English, Japan

    1 Shed light on the versatile feature of history and revision access in Anaplan

    It is important to note that Anaplan possesses the right authentication path which further makes sure that the changes are easy to track. With the help of the revision control feature, you can easily keep a tab on the activities of various changes. It would also enable you to roll back to earlier stages.

    What can you tell us about the interview process at Anaplan?

    It can be totally different per line of business but they all, for the most part, follow a similar structure. Usually, the first step is talking to a recruiter. Its usually a 30-45 minute phone call to cover the job logistics— what the role is, what the scope of the role is, what the career path for that role is, and then understanding how that persons attributes, skills, and background fit into that role.

    Then, we make a decision on whether or not we should continue the conversation— or if maybe theres a different opportunity thats scoped better for that person. From there it goes to a hiring manager interview, and that’s usually virtual for about 45-60 minutes. At that point, if we want to move forward with that candidate we’ll usually bring them into the office where theyll have anywhere from three to five onsite interviews. That will be anywhere from two to four hours depending on the type of role and the number of people we have meeting them.

    Once we have our finalists, we go to final interviews, usually with either an ELT member or a VP of that organization. From there we go to offer. The process generally is anywhere from three to six weeks.

    How to prepare for job interview with glassdoor

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