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One thing that I think Andesa could improve on is how they present their culture and values.

When I was researching the company prior to interviews, I had no idea how important their values were. It’s a special thing when a company truly does focus on and embody their values in every aspect of their business. This became apparent when I started reading books authored by Andesa’s Founder John Walker and current CEO Ron Scheese. I discovered how Andesa started from a core set of values and evolved into the business it is today by keeping those values alive. With more recent projects, I have seen how much more impactful marketing materials can be when they are displaying these values and culture to current and potential partners and employees.

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Throughout the interview process, I could tell that the people at Andesa were welcoming and valued my input. From my first day, I was included in important Marketing conversations where they not only encouraged me to participate but really respected my opinions.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a meeting discussing rebranding efforts on my first day. What stood out to me was Mark Wilkin, CFO, asking me for my opinion on different aspects of the presentation. I did not feel like an intern observing. I immediately felt like I was already a part of the team. In fact, I realized how rare my internship experience was about two weeks in when a few of my college friends began theirs. Many were stuck at their computer watching training videos for days while waiting around for anyone to give them tasks. Meanwhile, I was a part of every conversation, meeting, and project that my manager, Kerianne Geist, thought could benefit me. My biggest project was helping our team set up a virtual platform for Andesa’s Client Forum. It has been a challenge turning the event virtual, but also very rewarding to see our progress. I also had the opportunity to work in-office with Tammy Staudt, among others, who really helped me understand what it means to be an Employee-Owner at Andesa.

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