Andrew Jackson Interview Questions

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Questions About Andrew Jackson’s Life after the Presidency

  • What happened when Jackson threw his support to Martin Van Buren in the election of 1836?
  • What church did Jackson join in 1838, and in what ways did that change his surly demeanor?
  • How would you characterize Jacksons final retirement years spent at the Hermitage?
  • What various ailments and health problems did Jackson suffer from in his life after the presidency?
  • How did Jackson respond to the Panic of 1837, which took place shortly after he left office, and how did he support Van Buren in the matter?
  • What became of Van Buren in his reelection campaign, and what was Jacksons role?
  • In his final years, how was Jackson a major force in fighting for the annexation of Texas in 1845? How did his political loyalties continually shift during that time period?
  • What were the circumstances of Andrew Jacksons death in 1845?
  • What was the Spoils System often associated with Jackson, and in what ways do you imagine that particular practice is still widely in use in todays politics?
  • How would you compare and contrast the way Jackson considered himself a Man of the People versus the fact that he became wealthy and had some of the best things life had to offer?
  • Why is Andrew Jackson often called The Father of the Modern Democratic Party?
  • In what way did Jackson and his followers change the name Democratic-Republican Party?
  • What was the concept of Manifest Destiny, and how did Andrew Jackson play a major role?
  • How would you juxtapose the method by which a presidential candidate was nominated in a caucus versus how a presidential candidate was nominated in a convention? What role did Jackson play in this changed methodology?
  • How do you judge the way Andrew Jacksons legacy will ultimately be viewed by history?
  • Considering all the facts you have learned, how would you analyze the campaign to remove Andrew Jackson from the twenty-dollar bill? Would you vote to have him removed? Why or why not? Who would you put on the denomination instead? Would you produce a plan to put Jackson on another bill or coin? Justify your answers.
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    Questions About Andrew Jackson’s Second Term

  • How would you describe what took place during the Bank War, which began in 1832, and that involved the National Bank?
  • What did Jackson do that convinced his opponents that he would surely lose his reelection bid in 1832?
  • How did Jackson respond to South Carolinas nullification of his tariff, and according to some historians, how did this eventually help lead to the Civil War?
  • Related to this tariff, what was Jacksons view on states rights?
  • What claim can Jackson make about the national debt that occurred on January 1st, 1835, that no other president can claim?
  • How would you recreate in your minds eye the attempt to assassinate Jackson on January 30th, 1835, and how would you visualize the way events unfolded that day?
  • 10 Questions With Andrew Jackson

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