Android Interview Questions For Team Lead

What is the relationship between the lifecycle of an AsyncTask and the lifecycle of an Activity? What problems can this result in, and how can these problems be avoided?

An AsyncTask is not tied to the lifecycle of the Activity that contains it. If the Activity is destroyed and a new instance of the Activity is created, the AsyncTask won’t be destroyed. This can lead to a number of problems, but the major ones an Android developer should be aware of are:

  • Once the AsyncTask completes, it’ll try to update the former instance of the Activity, resulting in an IllegalArgumentException.
  • Since the AsyncTask maintains a reference to the previous instance of the Activity, that Activity won’t be garbage collected, resulting in a memory leak.
  • The solution is to avoid using AsyncTasks for long-running background tasks.

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    Q1What are the exceptions in Android?

    An exception occurs during a program execution that disrupts the normal flow of the programs instructions. Android interview questions are related to the following types of exceptions:Â Â

  • InflateException: Thrown when error conditions occur. Â
  • Surface.OutOfResourceException: Thrown when a surface is not created or resized.Â
  • SurfaceHolder.BadSurfaceTypeException: Thrown from lockCanvas() method when invoked on a Surface ‘SURFACE_TYPE_PUSH_BUFFERS’.Â
  • WindowManager.BadTokenException: Thrown when trying to view an invalid WindowManager.LayoutParamstoken.
  • It is one of the majorly asked Android interview questions. An Androidmanifest.xml file is essential for every Android application. It contains information regarding the application. An Android system must know this vital information before executing codes.

    What are the most important values you demonstrate as a team leader?

    Here’s a sample answer: I think my dedication, integrity, commitment and courage are my most important values. I try to stay honest and trustworthy in all my actions to establish credibility as a leader. By working with this conviction, I’m able to build stronger relationships with team members and guide them to higher levels of performance.Â

    Q What is Android Debug Bridge?

    Android Debug Bridge is a command-line tool. It is used to communicate with the emulator instance. ADB controls your device over USB from a computer, installs and uninstalled apps, copies files back and forth, and more. It is a client-server program that incorporates three components: client, server, and daemon.

    Q What is the APK format? Â

    APK stands for Android Packaging Key. It is a compressed key containing classes, UIs, supportive assets, and manifest. All files are compressed into a single file format, i.e., in APK.

    Q What is an Activity? What is the lifecycle of Android Activity?

    An Activity in Android is the screen representation of an application. It is a single screen that represents GUI (Graphical User Interface). Users can interact with activities like dialing the phone, logging in, and viewing email. The lifecycle of android activity is an important part of Android interview questions.Â

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