Anglo American Bursary Interview Questions

Where an Anglo American Bursary is awarded, the Company will require the Parents/Guardians to sign Surety*as per the Bursary Agreement. This surety is an undertaking by the Parents/Guardians that if the student does not fully meet the Bursary Contract, such as failing or not complying the Code of Conduct, then the Parents/Guardians will have to refund the awarded Bursary money to Anglo American. All communication will take place directly with the Bursar.

Bursaries will be awarded for the period of study (one year), subject to the rights of the Company to review, suspend, reinstate or cancel the Bursary. Bursaries will be reviewed on a regular basis and ideally re-awarded annually provided the Bursar meets the academic requirements set for them, and conducts themselves in a manner that is deemed acceptable by the Bursar’s tertiary institution, as well as by Anglo American.

If a Bursar receives a merit award from their tertiary institution during their studies, Anglo American will permit the Bursar a maximum withdrawal of R 5 000.00 in cash, after written consent from the Company has been obtained. If the award is worth more than R 5 000.00, the balance amount will be put towards the Bursar’s tuition fees, thereby reducing the bursary contribution to the company.

You must be a South African citizen and in possession of a valid 13-digit ID number. You must be in Grade 12, or currently attending a tertiary institution (in your first, second, third or fourth year). You must be studying, or preparing to study, a mining-related discipline* at a recognized tertiary institution. You must have achieved a minimum of 55% for Mathematics at high school (not Maths Literacy).

Surety: The Bursar’s Parents or Legal Guardians will be required to sign and accept a Deed of Suretyship for the payment of the Bursar’s obligations, where and if the Bursary Agreement is terminated, or if the Bursar chooses not to take up permanent employment with Anglo American once their studies have been successfully completed.

Signpost Once you find a role that interests you in our careers portal, the first step is to complete the application form. Please take a few minutes to complete the form online. If youve already applied for a role before you can your use your SmartProfile to apply. Dont to worry if youve forgotten your username or password, you can easily reset by clicking forgot password.

Signpost Well done for getting to this stage. At Anglo American we view the recruitment process as a two-way decision-making process; it is an opportunity for you to find out about Anglo American and the role, and an opportunity for the organisation to find out about the candidates (in particular skills, experiences, behaviours and motivations).

Telephone interviews form part of the screening process and ore used by Anglo American to screen candidates and narrow the pool of applicants who will be invited for panel interviews. A member of the recruitment team will give you a call for a short conversation to discuss your background (including skills, qualification, experience, career interests) and the current opportunity so that we can get to know you a little better. The interview will take approximately 15-30 minutes and usual consist of similar questions for all candidates. Due to the high volume of applications, you will only be contacted if you are selected for a telephone.

A recruiter may request you to complete a form that will allow us to do background checks on you. The purpose of background checks is to gather information about a candidate to determine whether the information presented to us was correct or if the candidate poses a risk to our organisation.

Interviews are often held with multiple interviewers and an interviewee at once, but you may meet with one interviewer. You might also go through multiple rounds of interviews that ensure youre the right candidate for the job depending on the scale and scope of the position. Interviews are conducted by trained interviewers and we expect the duration of your interview to be between 60-90 minutes.

Anglo American Video Interview Questions and Answers Practice

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